Diamond Engagement Rings for Every Kind of Bride

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Every bride deserves a ring that speaks to her personality and dazzles her eyes whenever she looks at it. With so many styles of engagement rings, you are sure to find the perfect one for your bride-to-be. Check out our top picks for engagement rings and start designing yours today.

11 Engagement Ring Ideas

Toi et Moi

Nothing says I love you like a Toi et Moi engagement ring. This ring contains two specific diamonds that come together at the center of the ring but don’t actually touch. The dazzling effect of this vintage yet modern style brings the diamond pair together for a sophisticated look.

Eternity Ring

The eternity ring style came about in the 1960s and has made exponential headway in fashion ring designs. It is also known as the forever ring because the diamonds continuously go around the entirety of the band. The circle of diamonds symbolizes a love that keeps going. You can choose various sizes and shapes of diamonds to wrap around the metal pavé and bring a brilliant look to this fine engagement ring.

Halo Ring

The halo engagement ring is exactly as it sounds, a center diamond with a halo of smaller diamonds encircling it. Show off your center diamond by making it higher and more pronounced than the rest of the ring. Surround your central diamond in sparkling layers of gemstones and diamonds to make it stand out even more. You can go further in making this ring dazzle by adding diamonds along the intricate metal pavé.

Bezel Ring

If your bride-to-be wants an everyday ring, bezel diamond rings are a perfect choice. Bezel means the diamond is surrounded by metal vs. prongs. The metal holds the diamond in place for a more durable, lasting setting.

You can choose how many diamonds you would like in this ring and how wide you want the band. The bezel diamond ring is a superb choice for any bride and brings the beauty of the metal and diamond together as one look and feel.

Diamonds and Gems

Colored gemstone rings are becoming very popular amongst celebrities for engagement rings. Gems like amethyst, sapphire, aquamarine, topaz, green peridot, rose, and more are making headlines all over the engagement ring trends.

Many gems have meanings that may interest your love, be the color of their birth month, or be their favorite color. Whatever the reason, choosing an accent-colored gemstone to place with your diamond engagement ring will only make the band more encompassing and inspiring.

Single Diamond Ring

Simple yet absolutely beautiful is a single diamond engagement ring. It may not seem like there would be much thought to put into this ring, but the choices for diamond size, shape, color, clarity and more will allow you to find the perfect one for your future bride.

This chic engagement ring is not just about the diamond, though. The metal band choice and style are another key part of making this ring unique to your special someone and customizing it to their style. The price range for this type of ring will fit anyone’s budget and always come out a dazzling win for the one who gets to wear it.

Detailed Pavé Band

Diamond engagement rings are primarily about the diamond. However, the band around the diamond can hold a tremendous amount of expression and beauty.

There are many different designs for bands. You can choose to have an artistic metal and diamond pavé, diamond only pavé, or a creative metal pavé to encompass your diamond. However you plan the band for your ring, you will see incredible detail and craftsmanship in the art and design of each part.

Stackable Ring

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Engagement rings don’t have to be stand-alone rings any longer. The trend of stackable rings is increasing due to the ability to wear more than one ring or a band with multiple circles, creating a more dynamic display. Create an engagement ring that is naturally a stackable ring with various layers or one that will pair with other rings your bride-to-be would wear for more fashionable days.

Your engagement ring can also be the starting point for your wedding band set. Match another band to your engagement ring to complete the stackable pair on the day you wed.

Wideband Ring

Bandwidth is another jewelry trend that has an uptick this year. Wider, chunkier bands are gaining popularity due to the ability to add more features and look more prominent. You can choose a wide band diamond ring with a simple metal pavé or decorate it with various diamonds, gems, and metal designs.

Criss-Cross Diamond Band

Give the promise of forever love with the criss-cross diamond ring. Pair your center diamond with a band with two separate circles crisscrossing for a unique and modern style. You can create a metal pavé or design it with diamonds and details for an exceptional design for all to enjoy and lavish upon for years.

Custom Diamond Ring

As you look through the many styles of rings available, you may decide to design your ring personally. Many companies understand the importance of ensuring your engagement ring is what you want and desire for your future fiancé. Therefore, you can start designing your setting, diamond shape and size, the ring style, metal color and type, pavé details, and width.

When you know what you want, contact your jeweler to discuss the creation of your beautiful custom-made engagement ring and enjoy seeing the design on your bride’s hand for the rest of your life.

Style Your Ring Today

Every bride deserves the best ring for a proposal of a lifetime. Whether you are looking for a bezel or halo setting, Toi et Moi, or a stackable ring with various gems, you can find the right engagement ring with these tips and ideas. Start searching for your engagement ring and look forward to the moment you pop the ring and question, and their eyes dazzle with a delightful ‚yes.‘