5 Steps to Make Sure You Pick the Perfect Ring for Your Wife by Maggie Bloom

Photo by Caleb Oquendo from Pexels

Having to go out for ring shopping can be a confusing and tedious process, more so if you have never done it before. It is therefore important that you are knowledgeable about the options you are looking to consider. The choices you are bound to encounter can easily get overwhelming, given that there are different cut diamonds, in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Having a clue on what you want to get, or what you know your wife will love will help narrow down your choices and make your decision process far much easier.

Here are 5 steps to make sure you pick the perfect ring for your wife.

Make Sure You Figure Your Budget Limit

In today’s day and age, the old rule on saving 2 or 3 months of your salary for your partner’s engagement ring is a thing of the past. In reality, you should spend the amount of money you feel comfortable with and can afford. Checking your bank account and making sure that the purchase will not leave you in debt is what is most vital during this process. Having a budget in hand will also help you avoid disappointment at the jewelry store, in the case of loving something that you end up not being able to afford.

Incorporate Your Wife’s Style into the Ring

If you are going to spend a lot of money on the ring, you must get something which you know your wife will love. This can be done through stalking- but not the illegal kind. Try to find out her Pinterest account and search for a wedding board. Here, you are bound to find a few ideas on the kind of engagement ring she wants. If this turns out to be unhelpful, you can also reach out to one of her closest friends who can guide you on her ideal choice of a wedding ring. Another helpful tip is going through her jewelry and finding out whether she prefers gold, silver, or brass rings.

Go to an Authentic Certified Jewelry Store

Nowadays it is easy to find multiple places which sell fake jewelry. This is because numerous people are usually interested in purchasing engagement rings but are unable to afford the high-end pieces. If you want to buy real jewelry, look up a reliable store online like Adina Eden which that specializes in authentic jewelry and go through the reviews people leave at the official store website. Going to a certified jewelry store can answer all the questions you might have about finding the perfect ring for her. Questions like how to tell if 18k gold is real are very common and are best to be answered with the help of professionals. Here, you also will be able to perform some tests to determine whether your jewelry is genuine.

Find Out Her Ring Size

This is usually the trickiest part when it comes to ring shopping. An engagement can end up going south pretty fast if you slip the ring onto your partner’s finger and it refuses to budge. Figuring out her ring size might be a little complicated, given that you do not want to measure her finger and give the secret away. One way is to notice whether she wears rings and if so which one she wears on her ring finger. You can then take a piece of paper and trace out the circumference of the outside and inside of the ring while she is in the shower or out of the house running errands. A jeweler will then be able to have a great idea of what her size is.

Get the Ring Insured

This is a very important step that a lot of people always tend to forget. As soon as you buy the engagement ring, call a jewelry insurance company and get a separate policy that will get it insured. This is especially important if you are traveling with it for the proposal, as you can never know what will happen while on transit.

It is now safe to say that you know how to go around getting the perfect ring for your wife. If you follow these steps, the process will end up being quick and even enjoyable given that you are going to make your partner extremely happy.