How To Find the Perfect Engagement Ring by Jared Jaureguy

Photo by Radu Florin from Pexels

Getting ready to propose is a monumental milestone in life. You have found someone you want to spend the rest of your life with and you definitely want to find the perfect ring to seal your commitment to your partner. There are so many different choices and options when it comes to finding a ring for your proposal and it can feel absolutely overwhelming to find the perfect bauble for your beloved. There are a few points you should think through when starting to look for the best option for your future fiance.

1. Consider the Environment

When starting your search for engagement rings, one of the first points you want to consider is the environment from which the ring came. If you are looking for a diamond ring, as most people do, it is important to opt for an ethically sourced diamond. This means that the diamond didn’t fund any civil wars. Most companies also promise that the means of obtaining the diamond also gave workers fair pay and didn’t harm the environment. You can look for these conflict-free diamonds or you can opt for lab-created diamonds or alternative stones. It’s definitely best practice to make sure you are considering the environment when choosing your ring.

2. Consider their Lifestyle

After you have found a jeweler or company that offers environmentally friendly diamonds or other gemstones, you need to consider the lifestyle of your future life partner. If they are very active and don’t wear much jewelry you aren’t going to look for a huge rock that they will wear on their hand for the rest of their life. It would be better to find something with a low profile that doesn’t snag on other items or pieces of clothing. If they are very active and prefer functionality in what they wear, it might even be better to keep it to a simple band with very small stones. On the flip side, if your future spouse loves to wear jewelry and get dressed up regularly you will want to find something that will blend well with their current jewelry choices.

3. Consider their Personal Taste

There are a few key factors that will give away your significant other’s personal taste. First, determine which color of metal they gravitate towards. Do they always wear the same silver earrings? Maybe they wear no jewelry at all except for their wristwatch which has gold or rose gold accents. Knowing which metal they lean towards will help you figure out what color would best go with their style.

The other key factors in finding the right ring can be a bit trickier. You might not know which style stone they would prefer, and choosing between round, princess, pear, cushion, or any number of stone shapes can be tricky. If you can’t call on a friend or family member to be sneaky and help you find out the answer to those questions, another option is to consider their general style. If your partner likes vintage and antique styles you can bet that a more classic or traditional style ring will be a huge hit. If they are more of a minimalist, something more modern might be better suited to their style. Any jeweler can help you find a style ring that matches the overall taste of your future fiance if you ask for some help.

4. Consider Your Budget

Last but not least you definitely need to throw your budget into account. You might think you have found the ring of your loved one’s dreams, but if it causes you to take out a second mortgage or consider selling a kidney it isn’t the right ring for your proposal. No one needs to start out their new life together deeply in debt.

Finding the right ring for your proposal might be easier than you think. Once you start shopping you might come across an amazing piece of jewelry that reminds you of your loved one. You probably know your partner better than anyone, so use these tips and trust your gut.