TAUTROPFEN – Fight and lighten pigment spots with the new “Radiance Plus” line

Don’t we all dream of radiant, well-groomed skin with an even skin tone and a great glow?
Even if we often don’t want to admit it during the warm summer months, the sun leaves its mark on our skin and can lead to unsightly spots – better known as hyperpigmentation.

In addition to sun exposure, factors such as hormonal changes or certain medications can also trigger the formation of pigment spots be. But the good news: With the new “Radiance Plus” line, our German natural cosmetics professional TAUTROPFEN has created a natural remedy to combat and lighten pigment spots.

The full power of nourishing plant extracts supports balanced skin pigmentation, makes the skin shine again and has an antioxidant effect, which effectively prevents new pigment spots.

The hero of the line is sea buckthorn oil – due to the high content of carotenoids and vitamin C, the oil has an anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect, stimulates cell regeneration and prevents skin irritations.

Meadowfoam oil penetrates deep into the skin and provides the skin layers with lasting, intensive moisture.

Valuable pomegranate seed oil scores with its antioxidant, smoothing and regenerating effects, while squalane ensures a particularly soft, silky skin feeling.

“Brightening facial oil”

The antioxidant intensive care with sea buckthorn oil evens out pigment spots, reduces inflammation and regenerates the cells.

“Brightening Toner”

Gently cleanses the skin, soothes it and prepares it optimally for further care steps.

“Brightening facial elusiveness”

The combination of natural plant extracts, vitamins and hyaluronic acid inhibits oxidation processes and provides the skin with moisture and new radiance.