Heritage sunglasses from Julbo

Julbo, the French manufacturer of Sports and sunglasses, is considered the inventor of glacier glasses.
Since its founding in 1888, the French…

Family business has a long tradition of development high-quality glasses for the outdoor area. In the early years
of the 20th century, the first „high mountain sunglasses“ were Glacier Bleu was developed specifically for crystal seekers to keep their eyes open to protect against intense UV rays from all directions at high altitudes. Julbo became particularly famous for the introduction of the first sophisticated glacier goggles, Vermont, in 1950, whose trademark is still the leather side panels today.

In the 80s, glacier glasses experienced a real boom and became a trend accessory for outdoor enthusiasts and fashion-conscious people alike. The former Vermont glacier glasses from Julbo reached their peak and became an absolute must-have accessory for fashionistas and trendsetters. The striking frame shapes with removable leather side panels, bright colors and mirrored lenses make them an eye-catcher on the slopes and the peaks of the world but also as a trendy accessory in the city. With its innovative design and high-quality materials, Julbo set new standards.

Glacier glasses in a vintage look are now a stylish and timeless statement piece in urban fashion. Julbo is now introducing two new models in the Heritage line to bring a touch of nostalgia into modern everyday life: The LEGACY brings back the charm of glacier glasses, but with useful features such as adjustable temples for optimal comfort and a secure fit, and it is also significantly lighter . The AROUND combines retro flair with modern functionality. With their timeless design and round shape, they are reminiscent of the legendary glasses of music icon John Lennon. With round glasses and the delicate frame, it is a real eye-catcher and fits perfectly with the casual vintage look. The heritage collection also includes the classics CHAM and VERMONT CLASSIC.

LEGACY: This is our legacy

The LEGACY leaves the limits between classically inspired design and modern functionality blur and stands for the perfect Combination of tradition and visionary Innovation. It is for both use during outdoor activities as well as in Designed and suitable for everyday life in the city making it ideal for daily use in a variety of environments. Inspired by mountaineering icons, these sunglasses feature removable side panels for optimal protection, lightweight and adjustable Grip-Tech temples and a non-slip nose bridge for maximum comfort and a secure fit.

The LEGACY is available in ten different color combinations and with self-tinting Reactiv or Spectron lenses.


Iconic Inspiration with modern vibes The Julbo AROUND is a mix of traditional mountaineering glasses and modern, flowing design. With their round lenses and slim metal frames, they are reminiscent of the glacier glasses of yesteryear. These lightweight and versatile glasses combine vintage vibes with modern functionality and top reliability. Their individually adjustable temples with Grip-Tech also guarantee a secure hold. The AROUND is offered in eight different colors and four different glass versions.

CHAM: An Alpine Classic

Mountain legends are tough as leather! Younger Generations love authentic glasses Side panels made of leather, as they once were famous mountaineers from Chamonix their expeditions around the world were worn. This classic from Julbo is more than just mountain glasses: it is pure emotion – a magical combination of radiant metal, soft copper, rivets and mirrored high-tech lenses! Mountain goggles for a high level of comfort and the best visibility, which can also be worn perfectly when traveling and in the city. Without the removable leather side panels, the CHAM transforms into classic aviator sunglasses. It is available in six different colors and is offered with three different glass versions.

VERMONT CLASSIC: History in the making

The traditional mountaineering glasses from Julbo are timeless and bear witness to the Company history as a specialist provider for mountain sports. You’re with rock stars, Mountaineers and Julbo fans of all stripes equally popular. The legendary model VERMONT from the 50’s comes in here revised shape and presents itself in true style with round lenses and leather side panels. It is available in seven different colors and is offered with three different glass versions.