ETRO UNVEILS “MAGIC TAILORING” – A short film by Virgilio Villoresi

Etro unveils a new visual narrative inspired by ETRO UNIQUE, its exclusive Made-to-Order program that elevates men’s formalwear to new heights. This concept takes center stage with the recent opening of the brand’s first retail space dedicated solely to men’s tailoring and personalization services, located at Via Monte Napoleone 5.

Under the creative direction of Virgilio Villoresi, the short film „Magic Tailoring“ seamlessly blends Etro’s rich heritage and tradition with the whimsical charm of a cartoon tailoring workshop, brought to life by an animated team of zealous instruments and miniature characters.

Villoresi conjures a dreamlike and surreal realm where each jacket, a testament to uniqueness and individuality, emerges through a mesmerizing and playful choreography. In this enchanting world, the art of tailoring intertwines with boundless imagination, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

Each scene captures the various stages and key players of the creative process: from the precise measurements taken by the measuring tape to the rhythmic spinning of an old sewing machine, every detail is meticulously portrayed. Fabric scraps dance alongside nimble scissors and knitting needles, while Etro’s signature patterns adorn fabrics surrounded by colorful bobbins, dancing chalks, and diligent buttons.

As human hands orchestrate this symphony of craftsmanship, the essence of personalization unfolds through moments of awe and mastery, culminating in the creation of true works of art against the backdrop of a building that evokes the historic Etro headquarters in Via Spartaco, Milan.

Alongside his talented team of set designers, photographers, producers, and animators, Villoresi employs an artisanal approach to cinematography. Each frame is meticulously crafted and captured, with the camera immortalizing every intricate movement at a pace of 5/6 seconds per day, allowing for 15 movements per second – resulting in an immersive sequence of stop-motion animations reminiscent of the dreamlike world of classic cartoons.