Dos & Don’ts Of Pill Stuck In Throat

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Pill stuck in our throat!

This is not only the worst nightmare for someone who is suffering from Phagiphobia (phobia of choking) but for everyone who has been a little iffy about swallowing a pill at least once in their lives.

When we feel that sudden discomfort after swallowing, the realization embarks upon us that the pill is stuck.

There is no discomfort as bad as this. This is why what we need is a prior plan to ensure that if this happens. You should know what to do.

There are two ways in which the pill could be stuck in your throat. One is definitely your common way in which they are stuck in your food pipe. Sometimes due to lack of lubrication, and for that, you can go for gel pills. Gloup swallowing gel could be an excellent choice for self-lubricating pills.

The other way would be when the pills are stuck in your windpipe.

The latter could pose a dangerous situation since you are borderline choking now. Today we will give you the dos and don’ts for both.

Dos For When You Have A Pill Stuck In Your Throat

Here are some of the dos which you can follow if you have a pill lodged in your throat and you wish to dislodge it.

1. Do Get Help

When you are feeling a sudden choking feeling in your esophagus after swallowing a pill, and the feeling stays for hours even after chugging gallons of water, then the pill might be lodged badly in the food pipe.

Do not think that it will slide; it might be causing some serious damage to your esophagus since it is an unprocessed foreign object. This can even cause inflammation in the esophagus.

2. Do Lie Down & Have Water

If you are certain that the pill is lodged in your esophagus and you are able to feel the pill in your food pipe, then simply lie down. This will give the pill more space to move around.

Then, all you need to do is keep having some water till you can’t feel that mild choking feeling. The water also helps to melt the pill sometimes.

3. Do Eat Something

Eating could be an excellent remedy when you are trying to dislodge something inside your food pipe. Sometimes the foreign object will slide down along with the processed food.

4. Do The Heimlich Maneuver

Now, coming to the more dangerous part. Let’s say you have food lodged inside your windpipe. This is a very crucial moment because the individual is facing difficulty breathing.

You can either call 911 or give them a Heimlich maneuver. This is when you place your right wrist on top of their navel and hold your right wrist with your left. Then you slightly bend them over and put pressure.

This will essentially push air upwards and dislodge the pill.

Don’ts For When You Have A Pill Stuck In Your Throat

Now let us discuss the things you aren’t supposed to do when you have a pill stuck in your throat.

1. Don’t Leave It As It Is

Sometimes when the pill is stuck in our esophagus, we tend to leave it as it is. Thinking that it will eventually pass. However, that is not the case, and you should immediately attend to it.

Leaving it as it is can cause inflammation in the area, causing the worst infection. So, you should immediately lie down and start gulping water.

2. Don’t Start Panicking

Panicking is the first thing that one starts to do when they have a pill lodged inside their throat. Especially if that person has somewhat of a fear of pills, this is why asking for help is the first thing you need to do because panicking will get you nowhere.

Getting someone else’s help to dislodge the pill will help you not to panic.

3. Don’t Drink Water If Choking

If you are seriously choking, it means the pill is lodged in your esophagus, and you are unable to breathe.

Trying to drink water can only make it worse. Try to bend and push your stomach to a hard service if you are alone or call 911.

Stop Being Scared!

Getting a pill in the esophagus might not be that common, but it happens, and it can be easily dislodged.

So, do not panic because that is the enemy.

Ask for medical help if you have constant problems swallowing pills or op