What Are The Products To Avoid For Vegan Skincare

Photo by Dana Tentis

Veganism is the new rave.

Be it your food choices or your skincare routine, veganism is the new trend that nobody seems to keep off of their minds.

There has been a surge in vegan beauty products all over the world. People and cosmetic manufacturers have resorted to these plant-based alternatives, which prove equally fruitful to your face as any other non-vegan products, perhaps more.

So, that’s a reason why vegan skincare has gained such immense popularity.

In fact, some skincare products in UAE have also used vegan ingredients in their beauty range, and it has been proven to be quite popular among its users.

Let’s find out the range of products to avoid if you plan to adopt a vegan skincare routine.

1: Honey

You must know that honey is derived from bees but did you know that bees are exploited for honey and pollination? Maybe not. Plant and soya waxes, jojoba oil, aloe vera, and argan oil are some of the best alternatives you can use instead of honey.

2: Glycerin

Glycerin is extracted from animal fats and is found in their hooves, hair, feathers, and horns. High-care makeup items contain glycerin, and many people mix it with rosewater to avoid dryness during winter. However, vegan skincare should not use this product and resort to some alternatives sourced from coconut or soy oil.

3: Retinol

This chemical is a derivative of vitamin A, but it is sourced from animals. People use this chemical to get rid of pigmentation, discoloration, and anti-aging properties. You can use it to avoid wrinkles, but if you want to make your skincare routine vegan, you should steer clear of it.

4: Lanolin

Animals with wool are responsible for producing lanolin in their glands, such as sheep. It is most commonly used to prevent the loss of moisture on the skin. If you’re a fan of vegan beauty routine, this should not be on the list, and you could use coconut or olive oil instead.

5: Lactic Acid

Not only is lactic acid found in animals, but it is also found in their muscle tissues and blood. You can use this ingredient to improve the overall look and feel of your skin. However, lactic acid is also produced during the fermentation phase of the plants, which makes it a vegan alternative.

6: Collagen

Collagen acts as an anti-aging cream, but it is acquired from animals like fish, cattle, and horses. We know that collagen can increase the elasticity of your skin cells but it is not effective when it comes to its skin absorption. So, you must eliminate it from your vegan skin care routine and work accordingly.

7: Carmine

Carmine is an animal ingredient, which is extracted from the shells from the female cochineal insect. These insects are killed during the extraction process so that people can have a bright, red dye. Apart from hair dyes, many nail varnishes and makeup products also contain this ingredient, which means as a vegan skin care enthusiast, you shouldn’t promote these products.

8: Shellac

Shellac is a resin acquired from female lac bugs and like the carmine extraction process, even these insects are killed. Even the product you get after killing thousands of insects is also pretty low, which doesn’t justify the killing at all. Hence, if you want to adopt vegan skin care, avoid shellac.

9: Keratin

Animal horns and hairs are the primary source of keratin, which strengthen hair and nails. If you want to switch to its vegan alternative, you can do that with amino acid. In fact, nut and berry oils such as avocado oil, buckthorn oil, and almond oil are also pretty effective to replenish your keratin needs.

10: Casein

Casein is found in cow’s milk and other dairy products. You can typically find it in condoms and other conditioning and moisturizing face and hair products. However, there are plant-based substitutes like thistle that can soften the rubber, and you can use it as an alternative.


Yes, we care about animals, and Yes we want to protect them.

So, we want to save them as much as possible, and also want to stop using them for our own benefit.

We have already talked about some of the main skin care products that one should avoid in a vegan skin care routine, so we hope you’ll proceed with that.

If you need further information from us on this topic, let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you with an answer in no time.