Bachelor Pad Bedroom Decor Tips by Peter Minkoff

Photo by Andrew Neel

Finally, you have your own little castle and you can be king of decoration for once. And when you have a pad that’s small, this task is both simple and complicated at the same time—you need to maximize the space with very few things. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few tips and ideas that will help you end up with a functional yet cool space.

Start with paint

Before you add any furniture and decoration into your space, it’s important to set the tone with paint. Modern colors today are very simple and neutral like gray, beige and off-white. These tend to make the space look bigger due to excellent light dispersion. And to further maximize the space, choose one wall to paint in a coordinating color which will add depth and make your space look bigger than it is (black is a perfect accent color). If you’re new to decorating and interior design, these colors are easy to work with while leaving a big impression.

Put in furniture

Photo by Brady Knoll

Start from your living room couch and coffee table, then put in a TV stand with some storage. An L-shaped sofa that pulls out into a bed is a great idea that will provide you with plenty of seating and even welcome guests into your space. When it comes to your bedroom, don’t hesitate to invest some real money into a bed frame and quality mattress. If you live somewhere hot and humid like Australia, feel free to invest in a mattress with a removable cover you can easily wash. In general, people who get a queen mattress in Australia with foam and without latex are very satisfied with their purchase. And your mattress will last for a long time even when you share it with people because it can be repaired if it dips.

Set up your workspace

Most young guys living in bachelor pads are either at college or working their way to success in the business world. Therefore, it’s important to carve out a small corner for research, homework and work. A small desk with a desk light and some storage nearby will allow you to focus on your work yet keep your apartment clean and free of clutter.

Don’t forget the electronics

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

We live in the world of useful gadgets and fun electronics, so make sure to add some to your bachelor pad. Guys usually love their robot vacuums that make cleaning effortless. Combine your Rumba with smart lighting and a smart thermostat. These gadgets will both make you look sophisticated and cool, plus they are mad useful.

Add some art

For many guys, this is where things get scary, but don’t let the word ‘art’ freak you out. When adding art to your walls, don’t be scared to go beyond flags, lion prints and crown graffiti canvases. Truly consider what you like to see in wall decoration and run with it. Be bold with oversized canvases and try to add a splash of color with them. If you don’t want to invest a lot of money in famous artists, you can always hit an amateur exhibit and buy a piece you like. Instead of buying something from IKEA, owning an original piece will always make your place look authentic and unique. Plus, you might cash in on your investment in a few years if the artist becomes famous.

Show off your personality

You can show off your personality through art, of course, but if you have space, don’t hesitate to also introduce something that’s 100% you. Maybe you have a lego collection—display a few pieces. Or you might be into fashion—a hat wall display is a great idea. If you’re a plant dad, a few touches of greenery will definitely make your place come alive and show that you’re a true husband material.

As a starter apartment, your bachelor pad allows you to try out interior design and experiment with style. Don’t hesitate to be bold with accents while also being smart with furniture and gadgets. The final result will be comfy, stylish and functional.