AlphaTauri – Autumn/Winter 2022 – Collection

The AlphaTauri Autumn/Winter Collection 2022 is titled „The Futuristic Acoustics“. One source of inspiration was the Opera House in the Chinese city of Harbin. This impressive contemporary architectural masterpiece with its curved aluminium outer skin is ultra-modern and cool, while simultaneously being inviting and comfortable. The waves and curves of the building are reminiscent of sound waves – like a melody solidified into architecture. The immaterial becomes visible, the tangible becomes sensory. This is the starting point for The Futuristic Acoustics: a collection that captures music.

This season organic shapes and curved lines meet silver-coloured details, all-over logos and technical materials. Stylish accents are created through new material combinations, new silhouettes, new prints and special decorations, fastenings and details. The carefully coordinated collection offers extensive combination options. Taurobran® and 3D knit technologies ensure outstanding functionality. The colour palette for Autumn/Winter 2022 is inspired by walking in a deep, wintry forest: white and green, brown and black, sky and dark blue, reddish berry tones.

In July, the pre-collection will offer a preview to the coming season, connected through darker colours like black, rich grey and our highlight shade City Green (ivy green). The pre-collection includes suitable styles for the seasonal transition, including bestsellers like technical 3D knit sweaters, shirt dresses and AlphaTauri logo sweaters. Especially noteworthy in menswear is a suede jacket in city green with a detachable shearling collar.

In the first Autumn/Winter 2022 delivery window (August) you will find Royal Fuchsia (bright pink), Deep Lagoon (dark blue-green) and French Blue (light blue) colours. The styles for the beginning of autumn are still quite lightweight; Highlights for women include all-over logo cardigans and sweaters made of merino wool. For men we have a quilted jacket and a Taurobran® sweat series consisting of a hoodie, a crew neck and matching trousers.

In the second drop in September, the key pieces of the season will be presented: wintery Taurobran® parkas, elegant wool coats and jackets for men and women made of bonded wool, and a 3D knit in cashmere. There are styles where different materials are combined to offer different haptics in visually appealing looks. Special details include side zips which can be used to change the silhouette, detachable collars and hoods and knitted inserts. The colour palette consists of Pale Lilac (powdery pink), AlphaTauri Navy and Chocolate.

The last drop (October) focuses on the holiday season. Elegant styles and luxurious haptics characterize the collection at the end of the year. Highlights in womenswear include an elegant quilted belted jacket made of dark blue velvet, and a pleated dress, skirt and top. There are striking sweaters made of mohair and merino for men and women. The men’s outerwear range features a monogram jacket with an all-over AlphaTauri logo. The colour palette is characterised by selected darker shades: True Purple (dark purple), AlphaTauri Navy and deep black.

Taurobran®, the waterproof and extremely breathable 3-layer membrane created for AlphaTauri is used in a variety of ways in the Autumn/Winter Collection 2022. In addition to the successful variants with their classic, technical look, the parkas now also have a refined version with a pronounced twill structure. This gives them a new, luxurious and highly elegant look. Taurobran® is further utilised in menswear in a bomber jacket and hoodie, making them waterproof and breathable.

The 3D knitwear, manufactured in one seamless piece, offers a perfect fit and high wearing comfort. New in the collection for Autumn/Winter 2022 is a fourth material option. In addition to the cotton-wool mix, the performance yarn and the cashmere mix, there is now also a merino blend, which brings new exceptional haptics. The merino variant is used in crew neck sweaters for women and men. The cashmere options include round neck and turtleneck sweaters, and a knit dress for women.