5 Qualities of a Top Perfect Strata Manager by Patrick Adams

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels

Living in a strata scheme undoubtedly has its benefits. One of them is having someone who manages the common parts of the property and makes sure everything is in order instead of the residents. A strata manager’s duties include, besides the aforementioned maintenance, dealing with correspondences, managing insurance matters, preparing budgets, and even playing an active role in the day-to-day life of residents in the form of rule enforcement and event organization.

Simply put, it is not hard to see just how essential it is that a reliable person is chosen for the multifaceted role of a strata manager. If the owners’ corporation has decided to look for a new strata manager, selecting the right person needs to be given some thought. Here are a few qualities that the best of their trade possess.

1. Responsiveness

When an issue that directly affects the quality of life of the strata residents arises, prompt action from the side of the strata manager or strata management company is paramount. Therefore, one of the most important qualities you should look for in your new manager is certainly responsiveness. However, responsiveness not only means that the process to mend the issue is begun as soon as possible. A good strata manager will reply to requests instead of just forwarding emails. Even if they cannot provide an answer, they should acknowledge the inquiry.

2.Experience and connections

In order for operations to go smoothly, a good strata manager should have ample experience, so make sure you seek out a company that has been in business for a while. Experience will not only make working with them more streamlined, but it will also make it more likely that, throughout the years, they have developed strong connections and are able to provide great service at competitive prices.

3. Professionalism

Earlier, we mentioned that strata managers should not keep clients waiting. This is just one element that makes a truly professional strata manager. It’s immensely important that you find someone who takes this job seriously as their conduct will be directly affecting the strata’s finances. So, other signs that will tell you that you have found the right person is if they are able to manage correspondences and conflicts in a way that leaves a positive impression. The way they conduct themselves at all times will reveal how professional they are.

4. Good understanding of by-laws and other regulations

Having a good understanding of the very subject of their trade is, naturally, expected of every strata manager. However, it should be noted that these by-laws vary greatly. Your best bet at finding the best person for the job is seeking out local strata managers who are already familiar with the local regulation. So, for instance, if you need strata management in Northern Beaches, don’t stray far on the map. In addition, it’s not enough that managers are aware of the by-laws; they should also have the skills to transfer that knowledge to residents. Oftentimes, residents are not fully informed, so letting them know will prevent issues down the line. Finally, the strata manager should have enough authority to judge whether the current by-laws need improvement and pursue their modification if necessary.

5. Personable and proactive

Finally, since a strata manager will need to communicate a lot with residents, manage their complaints and inquiries, and solve conflicts, it’s important that they are personable with great communication skills. As said, they should be doing more than just forwarding emails. They will give suggestions as to how tweaking by-laws could benefit the strata. A good, devoted strata manager will actually visit the building personally in order to understand the issues better, too. If your previous strata manager has never even been to your building, it’s a sign that there may be a better person for the job out there. If you find these qualities fit you, check out new housing specialist jobs on Jooble.

Strata management is a complex job that involves a myriad of tasks, so it is no surprise that it requires the right skills to do well. Make sure the new candidate possesses all the aforementioned qualities.