Vegan Collagen Complex Fluid from SASH

SASH, the up-and-coming natural cosmetics brand from Berlin by Sandra Heidelberg, presents an innovative all-rounder for skin care over 30. The ‚Vegan Collagen Complex Fluid‘ is a smart, deeply effective anti-aging formula made from maximally hydrating hyaluronic acid in combination with the main ingredients of plant collagen, pentylene Glycol, witch hazel extract and niacinamide.

Collagen is a crucial structural protein in the skin that gives it strength and elasticity. After the age of 30, the natural production of collagen decreases, which can lead to wrinkles and loss of skin firmness. The very rich ‚Vegan Collagen Complex Fluid‘ from SASH offers an external source of collagen to supply the skin with essential building blocks and maintain its youthfulness.

In contrast to animal collagen, which is often obtained from skin, bone or tendon tissue from cattle, pigs or fish, SASH relies on plant-based collagen. As a medical beautician, cosmetologist and make-up artist, Sandra Heidelberg knows the benefits of plant collagen for the skin: “Plant collagen can be an allergen-free option as it is free of potential allergens that can be found in animal sources. Likewise, it often has a high biocompatible nature, meaning that it can be easily absorbed and processed by the skin. The plant-based collagen stimulates the skin to produce its own collagen, which has a long-term positive effect on the skin’s firmness.

The expert adds a moral aspect: “Vegetable collagen is a vegan and vegetarian alternative to animal collagen. This is consistent with many people’s ethical considerations and dietary preferences.”