Speedboat present their brand new single and video ‚Dog Toy‘

Speedboat have unveiled the video for new single ‚Dog Toy‘, and what an audio-visual treat it is! Taken from their debut E.P ‚Split The Bill‘, Dog Toy explores the seldom-visited realm of carnal desire and sex toys. The song perfectly encapsulates the duos widescreen new wave-inspired synth pop and the video does an excellent job of reflecting that with a perfectly observed micro-blockbuster which wouldn’t look out of place on a 1984 edition of TOTP.

„The video’s wackiness is only surpassed by the sheer ambition of Dinomoves’ genre bending, reality jumping visual interpretation. With minimum budget and maximum effort – the video reflects the blurred themes that the track explores and takes you on a trip of kicks and pleasure” said the band.

Director Charlie Fairbairn adds “Dog Toy exists somewhere between Agnès Varda and Roadhouse. My video gear still smells of tanning oil. If Citizen Kane was a Thanksgiving Turkey then Dog Toy is a „Rubber Chicken“. A movie that wishes it was a real movie, with real lights and real cameras and real film stars.”

After spending all their musical lives apart, siblings Johnny and Will Griffiths finally started writing together at home in 2017. Working from their flat the pair would swap duties on vocals, guitars, synths and keys with the writing and recording blurred into one process they produced something surprisingly expansive and cinematic.

As a debut EP, Split The Bill is everything you could want it to be. Bursting with energy and the exuberance of a group who’ve stumbled upon their winning formula for the very first time, it possesses a rawness to it driven by home recording; yet it retains the gloss and glamour of Speedboat’s panoramic pop vision. It’s a collection of songs that brims with excitement, showcasing as it does two brothers who, now that they’ve found each other creatively, look set for many more sonic voyages to come.