Rowing Blazers collection for summer ‘21

Rowing Blazers collection for summer ‘21 has a lofty goal: inspired by the 1990s and Rowing Blazer founder Jack Carlson’s youth, the collection sets out to redefine the word “preppy.”

“We’ve avoided the word ‘preppy’ since Rowing Blazers started, almost exactly four years ago,” said Carlson. “The whole world has changed a lot in that time, and I think it’s time to start facing head-on what we’ve been doing unintentionally the whole time, and that’s changing (for the better) the way people think about ‘preppy’ clothes. The way that the industry has presented so-called ‘preppy’ clothing in the past has been at worst problematic and at best cringe-worthy and corny. But for me in 2021, that vibe doesn’t ring true. I think about growing up in the ‘90s and early 2000s and a whole crazy mixture of influences. This stuff at its core is colorful, fun, and a little subversive.”

The collection was shot by photographer Sam Dameshek in Malibu