„RADICAL ETRO“ – Marco De Vincenzo shares his story in the documentary directed by Beniamino Barrese

Etro unveils Radical Etro, a documentary featuring Marco De Vincenzo as he reflects on his work and his role as creative director, to share an unfiltered view on himself through the lens of director Beniamino Barrese.

Filmed last February in the days leading up to the Etro Women’s Fall/Winter 2023 Fashion Show, the film represents a personal and realistic narrative with a free flow of thoughts and consciousness that shows the human side of Marco De Vincenzo, merging the emotional facets of creativity with the doubts and uncertainties preceding the day of the show.

De Vincenzo delivers an authentic self-portrait, surrounded by his collaborators and his designs, amidst the style department and the catwalk’s expectation on which everything is accomplished in what he has always considered to be a split second. While the director respectfully delves into De Vincenzo’s personal creative space, despite the pressure of the moment, the designer talks about the expectations of his second fashion show as an experienced new debut as well as the race against time between concentration and speed and about the key role of teamwork to achieve a common goal.

In paying homage to Etro’s past, present and future, his radical perspective takes shape as a heartfelt dialogue that, even more so than the professional facade, reveals the man and his innermost feelings.

The documentary is available on Etro.com, Etro’s Instagram and YouTube channels.