Pure vibe: The new portable DJ speaker WAVE-EIGHT

AlphaTheta Corporation announces the new AlphaTheta brand. This draws on the experiences that have been collected and built up under the Pioneer DJ brand. At launch, AlphaTheta introduces the WAVE-EIGHT, a portable, wireless DJ speaker that makes it easy to DJ in places you never thought possible.

The WAVE-EIGHT creates a great atmosphere at the party. Up to now there have always been delays when using Bluetooth®/MD, but that has now come to an end. Thanks to the wireless SonicLink technology with extremely low latency, the speaker can be set up quickly and easily and the DJing fun can start immediately – without any cables or delays.

The high sound pressure and rich bass reproduction ensure professional sound quality even outdoors. Several speakers can be combined wirelessly to provide the best sound for even larger parties. Thanks to the various sound modes available at the touch of a button, you can immediately find the right setting for the respective musical mood.
A party in an adventurous place? On a lake, on a hill, or any other place imaginable? This is now possible with the WAVE-EIGHT as the ideal sound solution. Thanks to the 8-hour battery life, no external power source is required. The splash-proof design according to IPX4 ensures reliability for outdoor use. And with the built-in wheels and extendable handle, the speaker can be easily transported anywhere.

Since the introduction of the CDJ-500 in 1994, Pioneer DJ and AlphaTheta have manufactured products with cutting-edge technology that help DJs achieve their best performances. And looking to the future, the AlphaTheta brand is committed to growing with the community of people connected by their passion for music and their culture.



Ultra-low latency wireless technology for optimal speaker setups Anyone who has ever tried to DJ with wireless speakers knows the problems involved: there is a delay between pressing the play button on the decks and the song playing. This makes it impossible to hang up properly. The WAVE-EIGHT finally makes wireless DJing possible – thanks to SonicLink. This new ultra-low latency technology transmits audio signals much faster than a Bluetooth connection, so there is only a fraction of a second between pressing the play button on the decks and the track playing through the speakers. To do this, simply connect the included transmitter (which is located in a storage compartment on the WAVE-EIGHT) to your existing DJ equipment, creating a wireless connection between decks and speakers. Ideal for parties anywhere. If you combine one or more WAVE-EIGHT with the new portable all-in-one DJ system OMNIS-DUO, you have complete freedom thanks to the integrated battery – without annoying cables.

Professional sound quality & easy setup for DJ parties

With a highly efficient Class D amplifier, a newly developed 8-inch driver and a Vortex Bass Accelerator that ensures clean and powerful bass, the WAVE-EIGHT brings feel and punch to the sound of any party – even outdoors . For larger events and rooms, you can easily add additional devices to a setup using the SonicLink connection: e.g. B. two speakers for stereo operation or a third as a dedicated subwoofer for a strong bass foundation like in a club. There are even multiple modes that you can switch between with a single switch to produce the sound you want, including mono, stereo and subwoofer modes. Battery operation and splash-proof design – perfect for outdoor events With a full battery charge, the WAVE-EIGHT delivers eight hours of music, so you can listen to music all evening and all night long. The speaker is also splash-proof (IPX4) and therefore ideal for outdoor use. If you also need to charge your smartphone or another device, you can use the existing USB Type-C port.

Find party locations wherever you are

The extendable handle, wheels and additional grab handles make it easy to take the WAVE-EIGHT anywhere. Thanks to the integrated socket on the bottom, the speaker can also be placed on a speaker stand. All of this makes it perfect for use in a variety of locations.