The Mustang Spring/Summer 2024 Art District collection takes us on a journey through Miami’s artistic district, inspired by the light of the sun, the warmth, colorful artwork and graffiti on the walls.

For the Spring/Summer 2024 season, Mustang has selected a remarkably talented artist for a collaboration: Philipp Deines. His comic style has long been causing a stir in the techno club scene and his graphic novel debut was extremely celebrated not only in the music world. The result of the mutually inspiring collaboration is a capsule collection with comic-style prints and trendy patches, with which we celebrate art and the associated freedom of the self-determined life artist. It will be presented by entertainer Riccardo Simonetti, who will be the face of the Mustang campaign in 2024.

Philipp Deines drew inspiration for his collaboration with Mustang from his familiar world of images. The artist expresses his works both in graphically drawn comics and in free painting: “With my art I try to capture things, create spaces and shape landscapes that can be places of longing for myself and others. When working with Mustang, I decided to incorporate the style that characterizes my art into the collection as best I can.”

The capsule consists of a total of 16 pieces that were created together with Mustang. The creative end result is colorful unisex styles. Pastel-colored cloud prints, organic shapes and graphic patches can be found in jogging suits with all-over prints, worker shirts, loose-fit sweaters and oversized denim jackets. The famous mustang horse also finds its place as a small icon.

For the Berlin-based artist, art and fashion go hand in hand:

“I have always had a passion for fashion and love when clothes are colorful and have lots of prints and graphics: the more the merrier! Using clothing as a canvas has always fascinated me – I’ve always had the vision of placing my images on large areas of clothing.“

In his artistic work, Philipp Deines moves on many levels. For his comics he follows consciously set guidelines with which he tells stories and illustrates them through his paintings. Despite a structured approach, the artist tries to create space for different possible interpretations with his comics. He wants to inspire people to find their own thoughts in his illustrations. In his freelance work, especially watercolor painting, he lets himself drift, observes the process and is happy about the unexpected. In the end, atmospheric cloud images are created that mix with watercolor landscapes.

“The denim jacket is my favorite piece from the collection. Many years ago I bought a welding jacket at a flea market for very little money and it has been my favorite item of clothing ever since. Since it has become quite worn out after many years, we took this cut as a guide and designed the denim jacket. I think this jacket can follow in the footsteps of my welding jacket – I will definitely wear it for the next 15 years.” Philipp Deines

In keeping with Mustang’s guiding principle True Freedom, the theme of freedom is also crucial for Philipp Deines‘ work:

“It is a huge privilege that I can live my life freely. For me, freedom means devoting myself to artistic topics that really interest me, using materials that I enjoy handling and with which I can experiment. I watch the process and am very excited to see what the work of art will look like in the end. It’s an exciting, long process that I often go through alone. What’s particularly nice about working with Mustang is that so many people are involved in the collection and not every decision is mine alone. Engaging in mutual exchange, incorporating different ideas and implementing them together inspired me a lot.”