AVON – Today Tomorrow Always – Everlasting fragrance creation

Everlasting, endless, imperishable, forever – what we want from love also applies to feelings, sensations and relationships. Whether with our very special people, our best friend or our favorite brother: with or with some people we have this very special (connection) bond that cannot always be explained, but always feels very special – like a comforting hug, a tacit agreement, a mutual recognition and understanding. Inspired by precisely this power and intensity of such very special connections between two people, the new Today Tomorrow Always – Everlasting fragrance creation from Avon was created, which captures the precious moments of eternal connection.

The latest fragrance in the popular Avon TTA collection combines modern, sparkling neroli flowers with warm musk, soothing almond milk and almond blossoms to create an unforgettable and everlasting fragrance experience that lasts all day and lovingly envelops its wearer.

Style: „Neutral“