Maison CHAPAL x Kelton – a limited edition of the „1972“ mechanical chronograph

A collaboration between these two French brands naturally takes the form of a chronograph. A sports watch „par excellence“, this 1972 limited series adds the display of timed times to the reading of the current time. A chronograph in reference to the automobile passion shared by CHAPAL and Kelton.

Maison CHAPAL has taken part in the adventures of aviation and motor racing all around the world during its 190 years of existence.

Its Driving & Racing collection is aimed at gentlemen drivers and collectors of vintage vehicles who wish to blend in with the era of their vehicle with elegance and refinement.

The generations of CHAPAL family began as tanners and then as industrialists: in France, in England and in the United States. Today, the president, Jean-François Bardinon, 8th generation of the genealogy, continues the epic of his family history as artistic director of the brand.

Kelton was born in 1955, between the United States and France. At the time, the brand belonged to the American giant Timex. In the 1970s, Timex began sponsoring Formula 1 racing with the legendary Brazilian driver Emerson Fittipaldi. He was world champion in 1972 and 1974.

The name of this watch „1972“ is therefore a tribute to this man and his achievement of the highest distinction a driver can attain.

In the 70s, creativity took over for these brands: an explosion of pop-rock colours flourished, with designers exploring all possibilities:

– CHAPAL took part in the 1968 Olympic Games and dressed the hostesses in its Chapalac jacket, which is still a must-have in the collection.

– Kelton stands out for its youthful and irreverent spirit thanks to its offbeat communication: „You change, change your Kelton“.

A few decades later, in the landscape of the great French brands, CHAPAL X Kelton are proud to celebrate their passion and their common past through this 1972 chronograph.

The 1972 assembled in France, is, to this day, the most accomplished watch ever designed and produced by Kelton; as is its bracelet, handmade by the craftsmen of Maison CHAPAL.