„In Your Face“ shot by Guillaume Deperrois

The project « In Your Face » was  born after my meeting with Marine De
Rolland, a young French designer. I wanted to try something different,
something more fashion.
So Marine designed 4 specific hats for the shooting. And with the make
up artist, we created a story about them. On each picture, there is an
evolution of the makeup and the sensuality.

I love male body. I find it so sensual, so erotic. I’m not interesting
in full frontal nudity. It’s not exciting for me. I prefer when the sex
is hidden. All your work come from your brain and your imagination. This
is more exciting and erotic. There is a very tiny barreer between erotic
and porn. I always try to make picture exciting and never porn.

Photos @guillaumedeperrois
Make-up Artist @alban_jarossay
Models : Greg
Stytliste : Marine De Rolland