LUSH – 7 aphrodisiac scents that will boost your sex life

We asked Lee Howes, Fragrance Category Lead at Lush, which scents have an aphrodisiac effect, meaning they can really get us in the mood and are attractive to our partner.

Curious? Then get to know Lee’s seven sexy fragrance recommendations.

Ylang Ylang is a relaxing, floral scent that is said to aid relaxation and even increase sexual desire. It’s not for nothing that ylang ylang petals are sprinkled on the beds of newlyweds in Indonesia. And it’s not for nothing that this powerful scent is the heart of our Sex Bomb products. So jump into the tub with the best-selling bath bomb, spray the body spray and pamper your partner with the solid massage oil and a sexy massage. Also a scent match with Ylang Ylang: Lust!

Vanilla is sweet and calming and is often associated with coziness and relaxation. So-called “gourmand scents” sometimes tempt us to snuggle up and get closer, so a vanilla scent like Vanillary can be very tempting for a partner. Vanillary is a creamy vanilla scent mixed with edible tonka, perfect for seductive moments.

Sandalwood is a highly sought after fragrance that forms a wonderful base for many scents as it can change depending on how it is combined with other substances. It can be woody, balsamic, but also warm, sweet or floral – either way it will help you stand out. Salty Body Spray is a fresh, elegant and sophisticated fragrance that is very sexy when sprayed on the skin, with opulent Oudh and invigorating Neroli. For those who like something sweeter, woodier and warmer, Shade is a suitable sandalwood scent.

It may sound unusual, but mint can certainly be considered a modern, if unexpected, aphrodisiac! This is all about smelling fresh, clean and feeling good. One of Lush’s best-selling scents, Dirty, is a mint-scented scent with herbal thyme and grounding sandalwood, inspired by people who always brush their teeth before making love! You too can refresh yourself before lovemaking with the scent of Dirty, e.g. with the perfume, the shower gel or the toothpaste tabs!

Often representing Venus, the goddess of love, strawberries are juicy, fresh and totally romantic. To bring the scent into your own four walls, e.g. into your bedroom, I recommend the Va Va Voom Lush Melt. The Lush Melts can be used either as a room fragrance or as a bath oil. Simply break off one or two pieces and put them in an aroma lamp or in the bathtub. Va Va Voom mixes strawberry with invigorating lime and jasmine as an aphrodisiac to create the right mood

Chocolate is synonymous with Valentine’s Day and as a scent it can feel luxurious, rich, decadent and warm. A light touch of warm chocolate on the skin is also very inviting and captivates your partner. For a good dose of cocoa, the Posh Chocolate Body Wash is fantastic, especially when applied with a sweet perfume such as Vanillary. The limited Valentine’s Day edition Posh White Chocolate and Rose, which also contains rose, provides an extra dose of romance.

Do you sometimes want to smell a little dangerous? The smell of cyanide is typically associated with the smell of bitter almonds and gives a perfume an interesting, nutty, cherry-like scent. It is certainly daring, but invites you to take a second sniff. If this sounds like you, our new, limited-edition perfume New Romantics could be just the thing for you. Inspired by the music and fashion movement of the 80s, the fragrance encourages its wearer to be who they want to be! Sweet wild orange, davana and allspice bring notes of citrus and warm spice along with a bold cyanide hit.