Is Sexting Essential to Have a Happy Sex Life?

No one ever really starts off a relationship off by wondering how much sexting they’re going to be doing. It’s just not something that occurs to you right away. Sure, it’s something that you probably do, but just how important it happens to be isn’t really on your mind. If you did think about it, you’d realize that it’s one of the biggest parts of a healthy relationship. If you’re unsure of what sexting happens to be, or you don’t know how to do it, just check out They have a whole article on what makes a good sexting session. What you can make your partner enjoy is going to depend on who you are as sexual beings, but there are still some basics that everyone should know about. Once you master these basics, you’ll be able to strengthen your relationship and have the kind of happy sex life that you’ve always wanted. It can be used to rekindle a romance as well as set the bar nice and high for sexual activity in your relationship. No matter how you use it, being good at it is important to any relationship that you have.

Share Plenty of Pics and Videos

If you want to have a good sexting session then you have to make sure you’re willing to share lots of pictures and videos with your partner. It’s not just about talking when you’re doing it. You want to have plenty of visual material to share with each other and it’s a lot easier than you might think.

This woman has plenty of tips on framing your pictures to give your partner the best material. It’s just a matter of making sure that the good stuff is where it’s supposed to be and there’s nothing distracting to get in the way. If you can turn your partner on mentally then she’s going to want that visual stimulation to really send her over the edge. Plus, the more you send her, the more she’s going to send you. Sitting there and being turned on without having you join her isn’t going to be any fun and she’ll be more than happy to return the favor. It’s all a great way to keep each other interested and playing, no matter how far apart you happen to be. It can be during the day at work or it can be during a long trip apart. It all works the same.

Explore New Fantasies With Each Other

If there’s one sticking point for most relationships, it’s always kink. It’s something that can be a whole lot of fun if you both happen to be on the same page. If you’re not, it usually leads to one partner or the other always being unsatisfied. It’s what causes most relationships to start to break down after a certain amount of time. That’s where sexting comes in, though. It can very easily be used to bring up kink and incorporate it into your relationship. There are lots of different guides on how to bring up the whole concept of kink and you can check out what Well and Good has to say about it for one of the best. If you can follow along with their suggestions, you can easily do it all through sexting. It’s the perfect place to bring up your desires and see if your partner is interested in pursuing them. The best part is that it’s not as intense as trying them out in real life. You can bring them in through the fantasy of sexting before bringing them into the bedroom.

Practice Makes it Perfect

No matter how you want to use your sexting in your relationship, it’s always a great idea to practice with it. The better you happen to be with it, the more she’s going to want to do it with you. There are lots of people around you who love to sext and all it takes is sending them a message. One of the best places to find them is Arousr. It’s a place where men and women from all over the world come together to sext with each other. They love doing it and they know exactly what they’re doing. You can choose any kind of person that you want and sext with them to find out what really works and what doesn’t. The best thing to do is pay attention to how they sext with you. You’ll get a firsthand view of how people like to go about it. You can use some of their tricks to get your partner interested in a steamy sexting session with you afterward. The more you sext with them, the better you’ll get and the better your relationship is going to be for it.