How to spend your solo holiday in Sydney by Sarah Smith

Bild von Patty Jansen auf Pixabay

Sydney is a marvelous and exciting city, no matter what season you visit it – there is always something great going on.

Of course, it is not the same experience if you discover it with your family, partner, or friends, and when you explore it on your own.

For those who are about to spend a solo holiday in Sydney this spring, here are some suggestions so that they can get the maximum out of this amazing city.

Purple beauty of Jacarandas

If you want to see a truly Instagrammable scene, then you simply must visit The Rocks, the Royal Botanic Gardens, and Paddington.

The beautiful purple bloom of Jacaranda trees decorates the streets of Sydney in October and November, especially in these three places.

Sydney Fringe Festival

This festival celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, showing off the diversity and beauty of Australian culture and art. You can enjoy watching dance events and theater performances and have a good laugh at comedy shows.
The event takes place during the whole of September so it’s hard to miss it.

TreeTop Crazy Rider

If you love adrenaline, then try yourself out in this crazy hybrid of a zip line and a rollercoaster. You will be taken on a wild ride through the forest of TreeTops Central coast. There are several tracks offered, for example, the Pioneer ride that lasts about 90 seconds and shows what it’s like to see the world from a bird’s point of view. On the other hand, you have the Xtreme route that’s 3 times longer and gives you several 360-degree loops and a few other quirks along the way.

Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

Join the happy crowds of people at this lovely festival that takes place between the 20th and 29th of September. You will be able to go on garden tours and admire flowers in bloom, to visit the Gala even, and have a great time at the Heritage Bank Festival of Food and Wine – do you need more? Probably not!

Balloon Aloft Hunter Valley Fiesta

Starting on September 28 and finishing on the first day of October, this magnificent fiesta in Hunter Valley allows you to see twenty-five hot air balloons high up in the sky. They launch together at sunrise to float over the wine valley.
Having in mind that Hunter Valley is a wine region renowned for its wine cellars, beautiful cheese, and romantic setting and combining that with hot air balloons at sunset – this is something you could also experience with a date. While in Sydney, why not consult a dating agency and see if there is someone with similar interests that could share these lovely experiences with you? If you decide to join in as passengers in one of the hot air balloons – there is a memory to cherish!

Sculptures by the sea

While enjoying the seaside, why not make it a longer experience by taking a long stroll from the famous Bondi all the way to Tamarama? On your way, you won’t be just enjoying the sandy coast and turquoise sea – you will also be running across various huge sculptures placed on the beach or between the rocks.

Sculpture by the Sea is a free public event taking place in spring and lasts for about two weeks. More than 100 sculptures made by local and international artists are shown during that time. Art combined with the peaceful beauty of the ocean – isn’t it a demonstration of pure freedom?

Festival Of The Winds

Another event where you can simply merge into the crowd, enjoying on your own yet feel like a part of it. Usually taking place in early September, this colorful festival takes place on Bondi Beach, Bondi Park, and Bondi Pavilion.

The whole day is marked with kites – kites flying in the air, kite stalls, as well as kite-making workshops. You can make your own kite and then proudly show it off flying it on the beach. And don’t worry, there’s more to the festival that just the kites – food stalls are all around the beach, and even puppet shows and other forms of entertainment can be seen on the main stage.

Bottom line

Visiting Sydney on your own in spring can’t be a miss – there are so many colors to see and so many lovely festivals to visit. Spring in Sydney is magical and stunning – go and experience it!