CBD And Sex: A Surprising Connection by Kimberley D

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Noise under the sheets is natural and intuitive. Human desire never ends, and it is hard to limit sexual urges. Many factors come into play in leading a satisfying sex life, such as body compatibility, emotional union, open communication. But some practical problems get in the way of sexual intimacy, ruining pleasure and penetration.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the spice that can set things right in the bedroom. The hemp plant extract, mainly CBD oil, is currently in the spotlight for pain-relieving, muscle-relaxing, anxiety-fixing roles. CBD does have the ability to relax the body and mind during and after intercourse. And this is good news for the sexual experience it gets. Aside from its healing properties, CBD can support sexual wellness also. Let us know more about the benefits of CBD in enhancing partner intimacy the way it should be.

Can Ease Pain

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Sexually active females often complain of vaginal pain when having intercourse. This creates anxiety and interrupts enjoyment and satisfaction.

Applying a personal lubricant infused with CBD onto a female’s private parts can improve blood flow. It arouses natural lubrication, making sex a fulfilling experience for females. CBD Oil from reputed online stores like High Supplies is also helpful for women going through menopause problems to get better lubrication. Using CBD oil in this way can boost the body’s serotonin levels enabling a female’s orgasm to feel more pleasurable. A word of caution for first-timers. CBD is oil-based, so do follow precautions when using it as a lube.

Can End Stress and Anxiety

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Pre-intercourse moments can be jittery for partners engaging in it. Regular usage of CBD oil can get the couple to stop worrying about sex and enjoy the fullest moment.
Anxiety build-up before the act is not a small bruise or an itch. It is something serious and can affect the quality of sex between the partners. Taking CBD can relax the mind and mood and make the couple to let go of any negativity. CBD communicating with our body receptors in the endocannabinoid system helps regulate the body’s organs in the nervous and immune system. CBD can activate these receptors to release nervousness and anxiety before the partners start physical intimacy.

May Increase in Desire

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CBD is a mind and body relaxer, but it also intensifies the body’s corporal needs. CBD is a vasodilator that works well in the sexual act. Regular application of CBD on the sexual organs of the body can dilate the blood vessels. This pumps up the blood flow in them, heightening the feelings of desire. Increased arousal and readiness to indulge in sex is a natural consequence of taking CBD.

May Improve Partner Bonding

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Sexual intimacy is not only the coming together of two bodies for a brief moment. It is a long-term emotional connection and companionship between two consenting partners. Much of it happens due to the presence of oxytocin hormone in the body. Oxytocin plays an influential role in increasing social closeness, fostering procreation, childbirth, and the postnatal phase.

CBD can help enable high social interaction for all these roles. It may also help one partner to send better signals to the other to get into intimacy. This kind of communication, with the help of CBD, boosts sexual interaction.

Can Help Harmonize Sex Organs

Getting wavelength is essential, whether in business or on the bed. Both males and females have to reach orgasm, not one. In reality, the situation is different. Men finish too early, and women take too long. Knowing the various effects of CBD on different genders can help shorten the time it takes to reach orgasm. When this happens, sex happens well.

A survey done in over 1000 people by Remedy Review shows exciting findings. 68% of people who tried CBD oil said it improves their sexual experience. Women reached orgasm 33% faster, and men lasted 31% longer before climaxing. That orgasm was more intense was mutually agreed upon by both the sexes.

Can Give the Confidence to try New Things

It is natural for couples to stay together to feel a sense of boredom creeping in. It means less intimacy on the bed than their first physical encounter. Lack of excitement can be due to stressful life, erectile dysfunction, early menopause, etc.
To get more excitement, try out new things in the bedroom. Discuss freely with your partner to shed his/her inhibitions on trying a new sex position or a penetrative tool. CBD can help stressed couples break their beliefs and let their bodies open up to new frontiers in sex-making. Those who take the weed in the oral or anal form get easily aroused than the non-CBD takers.

May Help Reduce Aftereffects

Getting into sex is not a get-up-and-go act. It consumes energy, effort and can also get either of the partners feeling tired and exhausted after the pelvic exercise.
Taking CBD for sex not only helps in putting up an excellent physical performance but reducing the after-pangs. Using CBD oil for lube makes the users feel less sore after intercourse. CBD relaxes the body and mind after sex, which is a positive point for partners to welcome the act.

Helps Reduce Erectile Dysfunction

This is a common health problem in men and embarrassing one in men who have crossed their 40s. It all boils down to less blood flow to the male’s private parts. It leads to low self-esteem, which reduces strength. Old age creates a toxin called dioxin that causes erectile dysfunction. CBD can rid the male body of dioxin and help to boost sex life.


Looking at the range of CBD benefits, it is safe to conclude that it can play an influential role in enhancing sexual pleasure. There are many reasons for the human body to feel uncomfortable or anxious during the act. But CBD may benefit all couples as it can reduce pain during sex, bring a comforting sense of relaxation, and increase excitement in the bedroom. CBD oil is not only a good experience; it is a great bedroom instinct. Try it today to know of its many benefits behind closed doors and lovely nights.