How to Know When You Should Move in With Your S/O by Regina Thomas


If you and your significant other already spend most of your time with one another, moving in together may seem like a natural choice. However, cohabitating is easier said than done, and you need to make sure you’re ready for this major relationship change, even if you’re making this adjustment with the right person.

Here are a few ways to tell if you and your partner are prepared to cohabitate.

You’re Comfortable Talking About Money

Bringing up financial matters with your partner can be awkward, but it’s necessary if you’re planning to run a household together. You both should be honest about your income and spending habits. It’s crucial to talk about your priorities when it comes to household expenses, and you should discuss whether you want to open a joint account for paying the bills.

You should also talk about who will be responsible for certain bills. It’s a good idea to have a „money meeting“ every month once you move in together to discuss how things are going financially and propose any changes that will benefit both of you.

Money is also a huge factor when you’re deciding if both of you will move into one of your existing residences, or if you’ll get an apartment or home together. If you live in or near the Edmonton area, you can look for new houses for sale in Edmonton that fit your budget and preferences.

You’ve Become Best Friends

If you and your sweetie can hang out like best friends, you’re likely going to have a great time living under the same roof. When you’re friends with the person you love, you can have tough conversations with each other, laugh together, and work through disagreements while still being considerate of the other person’s feelings. This makes living together a harmonious and enjoyable experience.

You’re Open with Your Social Media „Rules“

Social media is a huge part of relationships these days. If it matters to you that your significant other makes it clear to their followers that they’re in a relationship, you should discuss this before living together.

It’s also important to talk about your rules and dealbreakers when it comes to social media. If you’re not comfortable with your partner talking to exes or making flirtatious comments online, make this clear.

You Don’t Get Embarrassed Around Each Other

If you’re still embarrassed to wear a face mask or burp in front of your partner, you may not be ready to live together. However, if you’re at ease around them and you don’t mind showing them your nightly skincare routine, or the fact that you wear a mouthguard or flannel pajamas that aren’t too flattering, this means you’re comfortable around your significant other and won’t try to hide your true self once the two of you are living together.

You’re Basically Already Living Together

If you find that you’d rather go to your significant other’s house after work and you make most of your weekend plans with your partner in mind, living together could be a logical next step. After all, you’re already spending the majority of your time with each other so living in the same house may not be too much of an adjustment. You’ve already proven to each other that you love spending time together, and this will make cohabitating much less stressful.

You Have the Same Expectations (and Level) of Cleanliness

You may not think dirty dishes in the sink or clothes on the floor are a big deal. But if you encounter these things after a long day of work or after you’ve asked your partner several times to clean them up, they could become a point of contention in your relationship. Be sure that you and your significant other have the same standard of cleanliness.

If one of you is messier than the other, this could be seen as a lack of consideration and may lead to major resentment in your relationship. If you spend time in each other’s homes often before moving in together, you’ll have a good idea of what your partner considers „clean.“

These are just some of the indicators that will let you know if you and your sweetheart are ready to live under the same roof. Since every relationship is unique, this starting point will let you know whether you’re ready to take this huge step in strengthening your bond.