How To Get Ready for Having Friends Over by Jared Jaureguy

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

You may not feel comfortable with something as formal as a housewarming party when you move into a new place. Nevertheless, you probably still want to invite your friends over so they can see it. Even if this is a super-casual event, there are still things you should do before the guests arrive to see to their comfort and entertainment. Otherwise, they may be reluctant to keep coming back.

Choose Some Good Tunes

If there is a lull in the conversation, the silence can be awkward. Fill it up with some music instead, preferably something that all your friends like. You can tune into a favorite radio station, such as 101.9 The Mix, or you can also put together your own playlist for the evening, catering to all your friends‘ tastes when choosing songs.

Prepare for Overnight Guests

One or more of your friends may have to spend the night if the party goes really late or if there is copious alcohol consumption. Even if you do not have a guest room, you probably have a couch on which someone could crash. If you also have clean linens that you can use, your guests will be more comfortable and will probably appreciate it come morning.

Log Out of Your Computer

Some people have no qualms about logging onto a friend’s computer or mobile device and using it without bothering to ask permission first. Their motives may be completely innocuous; maybe they just want to check the weather report. On the other hand, you may have sensitive information stored that you prefer to keep private. Furthermore, sometimes the motives aren’t so innocent, and your friends want to make you look like a fool by posting on your social media accounts. In either case, there may be serious repercussions for you later. Guard your data by making your device password-protected and then logging off before the party starts.

Provide Extra Toilet Paper

If the toilet paper runs out at a party, it can be incredibly awkward. Place an extra roll somewhere in the bathroom where it can be seen and reached easily from the toilet. This is good for your guests because it spares them the embarrassment of having to ask for a fresh roll. It is also good for you because you don’t have to worry about your friends rooting around in bathroom drawers and cabinets looking for one.

Declutter the Bathroom

Even if you have no secrets from your buddies and aren’t embarrassed about anything that you keep in your bathroom, try to straighten it up and de-personalize it before your guests arrive. Bathrooms can be small and feel claustrophobic, so removing anything that is not necessary for the party helps to make your guests a little more comfortable when they have to do their business. Furthermore, even if you are not embarrassed by what you have in your bathroom, your friends might be.

Buy Ice

It may seem pointless to buy ice when you have a freezer that can make it on its own. Perhaps you even have an ice dispenser. Nevertheless, a drink that is lukewarm when it is supposed to be cold is always a bummer, especially at a party. Better to have the extra ice and not need it than need it and not have it.

Maintain a Comfortable Temperature

A room that is full of people can be warmer than usual, especially if you have also been cooking. You may have to turn the heat down to a lower level than usual for your guests‘ comfort, and perhaps even open a window to allow some cool air from outside to circulate. On the other hand, maybe your new place is typically chilly, in which case you should have blankets and sweaters on hand to offer guests if needed.

Being a good host isn’t about a strict observance of seemingly arbitrary rules of etiquette. Rather, it is about anticipating your guests‘ needs and doing your best to meet them before they even arrive.