How Men Can Build Muscle After 40 by Sheryl Wright

Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels


For a lot of men, getting bulked up and staying in shape is a source of pride and confidence. However, managing to keep one’s figure in tip-top shape as the years go by can be quite a challenge.

Once men hit 40, a lot of bodily changes begin to take effect that can make it difficult to engage in physical activity that once came easy. This prompts many men to simply give up hope, but the truth is that staying in peak physical shape past 40 is still completely attainable, it just requires a little know-how.

Here are some ways you still build muscle after 40.

Pay Attention to What You Eat

People quite literally are what they eat and the dietary decisions men over the age of 40 make have a significant effect on muscle mass.

While younger people can handle a lot of carbohydrates in their diet, older individuals are going to encounter serious issues with bloating, fat gain, and general discomfort. Sticking to a strict high-protein diet with lots of healthy fats is what’s necessary to build a quality physique.

Good food items to consume include egg whites, olive oil, nuts, peanut butter, and lean meats. Some carbohydrates are allotted, although they can’t consist of highly refined sugars. Foods like whole-wheat pasta, brown rice, and high-fiber fruits are your best bet for getting carbs into your diet.

It’s also a good idea for meals to be generally smaller, but more frequently eaten. For instance, instead of eating three 800 calories meals in a day, you should eat six 400 calorie meals instead.

Focus on Cardio Exercises

While at first, it may not seem like cardio exercises are explicitly needed for muscle gain, once people begin to hit their early 40s it needs to become a priority.

Both the efficiency of the cardiovascular system and overall metabolism decreases considerably as people age, making it necessary for the extra effort to be placed on their maintenance. Without building up your cardiovascular system, you won’t be able to get all the nutrients your body needs to grow muscle, and fat storage can balloon out of control.

Take a Testosterone Booster

It’s well-known that as men get older their testosterone levels go down. Although this can cause certain medical conditions to develop and personal issues to arise, it also has a tremendous effect on the ability to gain muscle.

Testosterone is principally responsible for synthesizing the proteins needed to build muscle fibers. If there isn’t enough of it present, no amount of exercise, training or dietary planning is really going to make a difference; the muscles you’re looking to grow simply won’t budge.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can increase the amount of testosterone present in your body. One way becoming more and more popular is to take an advanced bionetix testosterone enhancement supplement. These supplements contain ingredients that are designed to encourage the natural production of testosterone in the body, leading to an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in the presence of fat.

Protein Powder

Not surprisingly, given that muscle consists of proteins, consuming protein powders will increase the rate at which your muscles will grow.

There are numerous formulas available for obtaining the protein you need that can match your preferences and dietary restrictions. Some have a more immediate effect while others are designed to be long-lasting.

Protein powders usually contain whey protein, which is derived from milk, although a multitude of vegan options is also out there. Many primarily consist of soy, but it’s becoming more common for pea protein to form the base of vegan products.

Do Stretching Exercises

Joint pain is a big issue for most older individuals and a primary cause is the degradation of ligaments and reduction of key muscles over time.

If you’re planning on doing some heavy workouts, then make sure to stretch a lot. It will increase joint flexibility and cause blood to flow to key areas that would otherwise start to atrophy.

Getting in Shape

Getting older doesn’t mean that you have to give up everything you love. Working out is a great pastime and the results are something everyone appreciates.

If you’re thinking of giving up on your dream of having a chiseled body just because you hit that 40 mark, then think again!