Goodbye dry skin – hello ELIXIER NUTRIX!

Dry skin? An absolute no-go! People with dry skin often tend to have slightly reddened, even cracked areas, which are often associated with an unpleasant feeling of tightness. For this reason, dry skin in particular requires intensive care that moisturizes the skin well and does not allow it to dry out throughout the day. The natural cosmetic care products from Belmon Look Cosmetics were brought onto the market by founder Monika Belketin after several years of intensive development work and in exchange with her network of laboratory technicians in Germany and Switzerland. The focus of the skin care products is on plant active ingredients with high bioresonance, which, together with technical components, ensure the best possible composition.

The ELIXIER NUTRIX series from Belmon Look Cosmetics has been developed for particularly dry and pigmented skin. Natural ingredients such as goji berry extract, sage and white lotus actively combat dry skin and hydrate the skin from the inside out. Dry patches are visibly reduced and the skin gets a glow that is impressive.

Belmon Look Cosmetics ENERGIZING GEL 

With the help of the lotus extract it contains, the gel provides an immediate cleaning effect. The skin feels sensationally clean and pure. In addition, the lotus flower extract offers the skin a high level of protection and provides deep hydration even during cleansing.

Belmon Look Cosmetics REFRESHING TONIC 

The balancing and moisturizing tonic refreshes and soothes the skin after cleansing. Its active formula dissolves even deep-seated deposits, clarifies the complexion and removes residues from cleaning products. The cell renewal process is stimulated and the skin is intensively moisturized.

Belmon Look Cosmetics LIQUID PEEL CREAM 

The particularly gentle peeling with delicate abrasive particles made from amaranth gently removes dead skin cells from the skin. Make-up residue and impurities are removed without leaving any residue while the skin is moisturized at the same time. The skin gains vitality and suppleness without becoming irritated.

Belmon Look Cosmetics HYDRA CAPTURE SERUM 

With the help of the active ingredient complex with goji berries, the Hydra Capture Serum supports the skin’s natural protection and makes it more resilient. The goji berry is also a strong free radical scavenger that protects the skin from harmful influences, while vitamins B, C and E ensure that the serum gives the skin a brilliant glow effect.

Belmon Look Cosmetics HYDRA INTENSE FLUID

The Hydra Intense Fluid nourishes with intensively hydrating plant extract from sage and thus ensures optimal hydration of the skin. The serum also has a sensitizing effect, which strengthens the skin’s barrier function. The complexion appears more even and radiant.

Belmon Look Cosmetics HYDRA CAPTURE CREAM 

The moisturizing formula of the Hydra Capture Cream with clary sage is based on natural active ingredients that come from moisture-preserving plants. This ensures improved absorption and retention of moisture in the skin.