Inspired by designer Henning Koppel’s colourful mid- century sketches, the four new hues bridge heritage with contemporary design and give the established Georg Jensen icon a whole new look and feel.

For the first time in its history, the Koppel Pitcher is imbued with a vibrant and powerful colour palette. Consisting of a deep shade of blue, a pastel green, a soft lavender and a lighter tone of blue – each hue bridges the design’s rich history with a strikingly contemporary expression.

“We’re showing a whole new side of the iconic Koppel Pitcher, revealing the designer’s colourful world. The new editions celebrate Koppel’s artistic vision and give the design a fresh and modern look,” says Ragnar Hjartarson, Georg Jensen’s Creative Director.

The pitcher was designed in the mid-1950s by Danish artist Henning Koppel, a dedicated Georg Jensen collaborator. It is defined by sleek and sculptural forms that give its design a unique and recognisable silhouette. First launched in stainless steel in 2009, the pitcher has since established itself as a signature Georg Jensen icon.

At the time when Henning Koppel first sketched the pitcher, he would brush his drawings with abundant colour. Retrieved from the Georg Jensen archives, these original hand-drawn sketches provided the groundwork for the pitcher’s new colourful editions.

What’s more, a meticulous painting technique ensures the colourful editions of the Koppel Pitcher are given a smooth and matte surface. This is not only pleasant to the eye and to the touch, it ensures the coating remains fixed, making the design long-lived.