Garmin launches latest GPS smartwatch “APPROACH S12” to fulfill APPROACH Golf Series

Garmin Thailand, under the brand message ‘Every Beat of Life’ that aims to provide innovations for every lifestyle, today announced its plan to penetrate the Thai golfers’ market with GARMIN GOLF ECOSYSTEM and highlighting the top 3 outstanding of Garmin golf products: 1) Powerful battery life, perfect for those long days under the sun, 2) LIDAR-Lite system, the same high-precision measurement system used to explore Mars, and 3) GARMIN GOLF app, the smartphone application from Garmin to help you improve your golfing skills. These unique innovations and technology under one ecosystem will meet the needs of every Thai golfer.

Garmin Thailand today announced the newest GPS golf smartwatch addition to the APPROACH Golf Series,unveiling the APPROACH S12 GPS smartwatch for golfers. This revamped design provides golfers with a high-resolution display that can be easily read even on the brightest of days. With more than 42,000 preloaded golf courses from around the world and Hazard View feature, golfers can preview the course and obstacles to play with confidence on any terrain. In addition to this, APPROACH S12 includes a long-lasting battery, so players can enjoy the green without worry. Additionally, golfers also have the choice to upload their stats via the GARMIN GOLF application, so they can review their swings and improve their skills.

Mr. Sky Chen, Director of Garmin Thailand, said: “From Thai consumer trends, people are becoming more focused on active and health-conscious lifestyles, as the popularity of outdoor and sports activities have increased following the COVID-19 outbreak. With that, the number of activities recorded on the Garmin Connect platform has also increased, especially golfing activities, which have increased almost 30%. Golfers tend to be younger and there is an increase in female players from 7% to 10%. Moreover, if you look at the sales for the Garmin APPROACH series, it has already grown almost 2 times within the first quarter of 2021, reflecting the increased user demand for the Garmin golf devices.”

Mr. Kongpol Pongswang, Marketing Planning Advanced Specialist at Garmin Thailand, said: “According to the positive trend. We have, therefore, chosen to move forward in developing and expanding products for this particular group of athletes as planned. Moving forward, we aim to offer comprehensive golfing experience to help Thai players hone their skills, from the APPROACH S12 and APPROACH S62 GPS golf smartwatches; to the APPROACH G80 all-in-one premium GPS golf handheld with integrated launch monitor and the APPROACH Z82 golf laser range finder. Moreover, when these products are used in conjunction with the GARMIN GOLF application, users will be able to analyze data for all rounds – which is important to help players identify any imperfection and strengthen their skills during every practice. Not only that, but with every game, multiple users also can connect with all team members on a single app, a perfect platform to complete the ecosystem for Thai golfers.”

As for the top 3 unique features of Garmin’s golf products, which makes the GARMIN GOLF ECOSYSTEM exceptional and innovative, these include: 1) A powerful long-lasting battery life – allowing golfers to immerse themselves into a refreshing game of golf. 2) The LIDAR-Lite system – for achieving the ultimate precision with the same technology used by NASA for their expedition to Mars. 3) GARMIN GOLF application – helping golfers to identify their swings and improve their skills, by uploading their play stats in real-time so they know exactly which areas need improvements.

GARMIN GOLF ECOSYSTEM will allow players to enjoy Garmin’s cutting-edge technology, which will take golfers to next level with every game.

APPROACH S12 – The newest GPS golf smartwatch for golfer that helps you plan your plays and increase your confidence on every course. This watch features a cutting-edge, 1.3-inch round dial and high-resolution display for easy reading under the sun. With data on more than 42,000 courses worldwide, players can navigate their game with increased confidence and clarity when using the Big Numbers Display mode. When combined with the GARMIN GOLF application, it’s even more convenient as you can keep up-to-date with the field information uploaded by resident golfers. Finally, thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery, theAPPROACH S12 model allows players to enjoy up to 30 hours of uninterrupted golfing in GPS mode.


APPROACH S62 – Premium GPS golf smartwatch that combines top features to provide superior experience for golfers. The smartwatch is elegantly designed with a scratch-resistant ceramic body that enhances the golfer’s personality both on and off the course. It comes with a touch display with more than 41,000 preloaded golf courses in color, and boasting an array of various features such as the PlayLikes range feature that allows precise uphill and downhill shots and with Hazard View feature that allows players to avoid obstacles on the map and quickly make decisions in each game. Also, the Virtual Caddie feature helps analyze critical factors such as wind speed and direction and help select a suitable golf club for each shot based on the distance so that golfers can focus on strengthen their skills more efficiently.

APPROACH Z82- laser range finder with GPS provides enhanced aiming to increase swing target accuracy, with Flag Finder feature that helps identify the hole location and Green View feature to increase confidence with every swing by measuring the distance from the front, center and back of the green. Additionally, the Wind Speed Data feature helps you avoid obstacles in each game as well as helping you select the right golf club and swinging direction to aim for the hole. The Pin Pointer feature provides precise shot directions in blind spots where plyers’ view is obstructed.

On May 27, Garmin Thailand has officially hosted a ‚GARMIN APPROACH DAY – THE GREATEST SWING EXPERIENCE‘, launching the new APPROACH S12 GPS golf smartwatch. The event was attended by several golfers, including Pro Jay – Wanpee Sajjark, leading golf guru in Thailand, Pro Chung – Annop Tangkamolprasert, athlete and professional golf instructor, who attended and added to the excitement during the event by dueling a swing with APPROACH S12, making it more fun and engaging for the participants.

Annop Tangkamolprasert, athlete and professional golf instructor, said that: „Garmin APPROACH S12innovation will help golfers develop their skills in the right areas in each game. The exclusive features make the watch easier to use and completely meets the needs of golfers at all levels. The APPROACH S12 will definitely help athletes to overcome every obstacle and difficulty of each course on their journey to become a pro. Also, it can complement each game even more when used in conjunction with the other products in the APPROACH series, including the APPROACH G80 and APPROACH Z82.“

„APPROACH Z82 is not only intended for professional golfers but also for casual players. Every golfer will be able to experience the sophisticated innovation of the APPROACH Z82 as well, including other golf devices in the APPROACH series. It will allow players to discover new experiences and help them become more passionate about golfing than ever. Each game takes the fun to the next level with its rich features that can connect us to other players via the Garmin Golf app, helping to expand the golfers‘ community even wider and stronger,“ Wanpee Sajjmark added.