FVZ – Roller Coaster (feat. Raechell Tamaryn)

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„Women are often told not to discuss their need for sex and rather to „please the man.“

My collaborator, Raechell Tamaryn, drew inspiration from a sexual journey she went on following a breakup for our new single, „Roller Coaster.“

Take away my patience, give me your vibrations.

„Roller Coaster“ is all about blatantly expressing one’s needs and desires without the fear of judgment to fully experience pleasure.

Raechell felt like a broken glass jar with sun rays seeping through as she wrote this song, a mood she channeled during the writing process. She took a fun, honest, and sensual approach to capture how it feels to be in control of a relationship’s course. 

We hope that you feel empowered as you listen. 

„Roller Coaster“ was written to be danced to and enjoyed in the moment!“