Transport yourself to the sun-drenched shores of the Mediterranean with the Eyewear by David Beckham Spring Summer 2024 collection. Inspired by the tranquility of David Beckham’s personal holiday retreats, this campaign captures the essence of effortless summer style.

The campaign unfolds with a cinematic narrative, following David as he arrives on motorbike to a stunning villa, with breathtaking views of ochre-hued cliffs and a turquoise sea. Throughout the day, David immerses himself in the laid-back luxury of „dolce far niente“ – reading the local newspaper, lounging by the pool, and soaking up the golden sunshine.

„With this collection, I wanted to capture the feeling of freedom and relaxation that comes with spending a summer by the Mediterranean Sea. Whether you’re seeking timeless elegance or bold individuality, these sunglasses and optical frames are the perfect addition for summer,” said David Beckham.

A Day in the Life: Timeless shapes

The „Timeless“ aspect of the collection reflects this relaxed sophistication. Classic silhouettes are crafted with premium materials. The color palette evokes the Mediterranean’s natural beauty, with warm nudes, tortoiseshell tones, and pops of cool blue reminiscent of the south European sky.

Night-time Glamour: Unveiling the Style Pioneer

As the sun sets, the scene shifts to an elegant soirée. David embodies the confident host, welcoming guests with effortless style. This transition perfectly showcases the „Style Pioneer“ side of the collection. Bold frames take center stage, featuring daring angles, statement details, and unexpected pops of color. Inspired by the vibrant hues of Mediterranean sunsets, the palette explodes with subtle shades of pink, violet, and orange, adding a touch of playful luxury.

A Fusion of Comfort and Style

Both „Timeless“ and „Style Pioneer“ expressions prioritize comfort and functionality. Lightweight, durable materials ensure all-day wearability, while advanced lens technology provides superior sun protection and optical clarity.


Photographer: Matthew Brookes

Stylist: Chris Brown

Make-up: Sally O’Neill

Hair: Syd Hayes