Editorial: „Dressing Up is back“ by Michael Almonte

Dressing Up while we are still on pandemic is a form of celebration and it also help us to build our confidence and sense of self after being locked down for months. Wearing something special can impact how people think and behave positively. It can inspire and make people happy.

In this time of crisis, we all need each other to motivate, to inspire and to build our confident to get through this. Lets dress up!

Creative Director / Producer Michael Almonte @mikey_almonte
Creative Stylist / Producer Faya Abdilahi @lovebugmermaid
Photographer Juliana Pedroso @julianapedrosophoto
Hair and Makeup Artists Allysa Molina @allysamakeupartistry
Models @bentodabul

Jewellery @thealmonte
Suits @uminori.atelier @zi_nor