DOCTOR BABOR „The Cure Cream“ – for the best version of your skin

Developed by Dr. Michael BABOR – perfected for the DOCTOR BABOR products: The BIOGEN PLANT EXTRACT consists of eight different highly effective plant extracts from all over the world. These plants developed under a wide variety of conditions and therefore have a wide variety of properties. The result: The composition of BIOGEN PLANT EXTRACT ensures a transformation of the skin and is exclusively contained in DOCTOR BABOR skin care products. The combination of natural and highly effective extracts and state-of-the-art science creates BIOGEN PLANT EXTRACT: an antioxidant and pro-microbial complex that transforms the skin. With our proven historical knowledge spanning six decades, BIOGEN PLANT EXTRACT has been thoroughly researched to stimulate the skin’s most important processes: protection, regeneration and strengthening.

This combination of these various highly effective and skin-activating plant components leads to the unique and broad effectiveness of BIOGEN PLANT EXTRACTS. The skin is strengthened by stimulating and balancing the protective and regenerative processes.