Best Holiday Gift Ideas For a Car Lover by Ron Wolf

Photo by Alan Flack on Unsplash

The holiday season is upon us and you are probably browsing around for the perfect gift for your loved ones. If you have a car lover in your life you want to find a gift for, look no further. Below you will find some of the best holiday gift ideas for a car lover. Read on to see what they are.

Dash Camera
Dash cameras have been around for a while, and they are getting better with advances in technology. They are a welcome addition to road safety since they film the road all the time and can provide video footage of any possible accident. It has become a piece of valuable evidence when resolving insurance claims. They are also an easy way to film a new road trip adventure.

Dash Phone Holder
Our phones have become little personal assistants and driving companions—you can use them for navigation, listening to music and podcasts, phone calls, etc. Road safety should always be a priority, so you should never hold a phone while driving. Dash phone holders come in handy here. You can mount your phone on the dash, or by the side of the wheel—some are even mountable on the window at eye height. There are various models, and models for specific phones. If you don’t know the phone model your gift receiver is using, you can purchase a universal phone holder with adjustable handles.

Personalised Car Mats
Car mats are an essential part of every car, so why shouldn’t they be customised. If someone spends a lot of time in their car, a personalised custom car mat can make their driving experience more enjoyable. You can add personal touches for that person, or something related to their car. Car mats in various colours can add interest to the interior, and make the car unique.

Road Trip Care Package
If your friend or family member loves to go on road trips, or they are planning a road trip soon for the holidays, a care package is a perfect gift for them. A road trip care package can come in handy during the long drive and when taking a break. You can customize the package to fit their needs and likes. Fill the bag with road snacks, drinks, techy stuff like a phone charger, batteries, SD card, etc. You can make this gift as big or small as you want. They will appreciate the gesture and it will certainly be useful.

Model Car
If your car lover already has everything they need, a model car of their favourite vehicle is a perfect gift. Especially if they are a big fan of antique, vintage cars. Since those cars are expensive, and there is a small number available, a mode car comes as a great substitute. If they are already a model-car collector, gather some information so you know not to buy a double. Collectible model cars are easily found online.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Lego Cars
A continuation of model cars, Lego also offers a wide range of cars, from vintage models to new ones. They are fun to assemble, especially if your car lover is an artisan and likes to be busy. Once completed they look great on display.

Fast Lane Driving Experience
Not many car lovers get an opportunity to drive their hearts out in a fast setting. Look into getting tickets for a race car driving experience for your car enthusiast. This is a perfect gift for an active driver, and a great opportunity to put their driving skills to the test. An instructor will help with any preparation, and if your friend only wants the experience, they can ride along with a professional driver.

Car Washing
Taking care of a car can be time-consuming and even expensive depending on the car model. If your car enthusiast uses every bit of free time to tidy up and take care of their car, a car washing service can be a great gift for them. They can get their car washed and cleaned spotless, done by a professional. Washing the car takes time, and it’s not easy to do it perfectly every time. A professionally washed car is much easier to upkeep, so they will be grateful for this gift.

Emergency Aid Kit
First aid kits are essential and mandatory for every vehicle, but an upgraded version is always welcome. This is also a perfect gift for a new driver. This kit can contain anything they may need in an emergency—a flashlight, portable tire inflator, tire pressure gauge, etc. You can make this kit personalised if you know what they need or their favourite gadget.

Gifts for car lovers are mostly practical, but they can be personal too. It will certainly be related to their passion or hobby. Personalised road kits and gift cards for services are always a hit. This holiday season, surprise your car lover with one of these gift ideas they will surely enjoy.

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