Apple Watch Series 6 – Everything You Wish To Know Before Buying by john milller


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The world was in lockdown but Apple still didn’t resist itself from showcasing the innovation in front of all. As a result, today we have the option to purchase the latest sequence of iWatch, which is Apple Watch Series 6. Enunciated in September 2020, it is taking the news feed by storm for the handful of improvements and interesting features in the form of the blood oxygen sensor and others.

If you are planning to own a brand-new piece of technology along with the best accessory like the Apple Watch sport band, here’s the list of informed facts that will help you make your decision.

What’s New With Apple Watch Series 6?

Every sequence of iWatch comes up with something incredible and useful. Talking specifically about Apple Watch Series 6, there isn’t a significant change in design but the deployment of some engaging features is the highlights of the day. Have a look!

Blood Oxygen Sensor – It is meant to measure the amount of oxygen being delivered to the body. Made with four LED clusters and four photodiodes, it shines a light into the blood vessel. The reflected light then helps to determine the measure of oxygen level.

ECG App – to generate ECG equals to a single-lead electrocardiogram.

Sleep App – to track the sleep trend and routine for a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness Features – to track the workout metrics precisely and measuring every move.

To a little more surprise, you can enjoy all these fitness features and functions more comfortably and stylishly by opting for a sport band for Apple Watch.

Price And Case Material

The price for Apple Watch Series 6 ranges from $399 for 40mm to $429 for 44mm. You need to pay an extra $100 for cellular variants.

Be it fashion or technology, Apple Watch has always been the perfect prototype of all the aspects. Besides, the continuous evolution of iWatch in the form of an updated series brings us the newest features that we can never imagine. All this makes ‘iWatch’ an intriguing piece of technology and worth giving a shot, despite its huge cost.

Regarding the case material, Apple Watch Series 6 comes up mainly in three types of cases, that is aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. You will be astonished to know that the latest series comprises more case colors than ever before such as graphite, blue aluminum, classic gold stainless steel, and (Product) RED.

Thus, you can take the advantage of a wide variety of case options along with the blend of the Apple sport band to flaunt your luxurious timepiece.

Apple Watch Series 6 Bands


Apple Watch Series 6 is an impeccable illustration of innovation in technology. Its unique features in the form of an oxygen blood sensor, 64-bit dual-core processor, and electrical heat sensor make it stand out among the competition. Concerning this, Apple Watch has introduced some top-notch bands to complement the incredibility of Series 6.

These are:

  • Solo Loop (Available in 7 colors)
  • Braided Solo Loop (Available in 5 colors)
  • Leather band in a new version
  • Hermes Style in a new form

However, in case you yearn to deck out your wrist with a little more affordable accessory, third-party bands with superior quality can also be a favorable option. For instance, the Apple Watch sports strap by third-party is seamless to wear your latest iWatch in a comfortable and sophisticated way.

Bottom Line

Indeed, iWatch is a luxurious piece of technology that along with enhancing our style statement presents bounteous merits. Moreover, the invention of the Apple Watch Series 6 allows us to experience some phenomenal health and fitness features as mentioned above. Thus, turn your dreams into reality by buying the latest sequence and coordinating it with the Apple Watch sport band for bonus benefits.