Amazing Fashion Ideas for Hip-Hop Men by Maggie Holmes


As any type of fashion, hip-hop fashion is continuously evolving and changing. But one of its main staples is the hip-hop accessories. Things such as chains, hats and shoes are something that was always present. If you are looking to become a hip hop man, here are some of the best fashion ideas that will help you do so.

Invest in Timberland Boots

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about the Timberland boots is men in New York during the 90s. Almost every man back then had a pair of Timberlands including famous people like Jay Z. Even though the shoes were made for construction workers and for working outdoors, they became a fashion staple because they are so durable and comfortable to wear for a long time as well as looking amazing. The shoes evolved along with fashion and are now worn by almost everyone.

Oversized T-Shirts

One of the trademarks of hip-hop style is oversized clothes, especially t-shirts. One of the main reasons for that is because back in the day in cities like New York, LA and Chicago kids would get hand me downs from their siblings and most of the time they were too big. But that stuck around for a reason. Oversized shirts will create a leaner, longer silhouette and looks smacking good when paired with some jeans.

Style Some Tracksuit

No matter what they are made out of tracksuits are not only practical, they are a big part of hip-hop culture. That’s ever since b-boys started being popular during the early 80s. No matter if you are a thing to be a hip hop man or just following the trends, tracksuits have made their way back to 2020. They are cozy, practical and quite stylish. One of the most popular tracksuits is the Adidas ones or pain grey ones.

Rock the Gold Rope Chain

If you are looking for a rocking accessory there is nothing better than a gold chain from Hype Chains and a lobe ear piercing. The gold chain was a status symbol in hip hop culture. But as the culture grew it has become something that every hip hop would wear. As famous artists started wearing it has become even more popular. But it is something that is styled easily and it will spice up your outfit and give it more swagger.

Spice it up with The Bucket Hat

If you have been paying attention to what people are wearing during 2019 and 2020, you probably have seen everyone rocking the bucket hat. But they haven’t been discovered, bucket hats have been a hip-hop phenomenon back in the 80s. Members of the Wu-Tang have made it a signature part of hip-hop style. They are super practical; they not only keep your face shaded from the sun but they will also make your outfit complete. Bucket hats are easily styled and now that they are back in style there are so many different ones you can choose.

Can’t Go Wrong with Denim

As the 80s and 90s fashion is coming back in style there are a lot of denim pieces that you can find on the market. There is nothing that will scream hip hop more than wide-leg denim pants with an oversized shirt and some Timberlands. The lover your pants are sagging the better it is. A great plus of denim coming back in style is that you can find vintage denim almost everywhere you go.

If you are a hip hoper you are in luck. There are so many different brands that are coming back in style and worn by all the famous rappers. With it coming back in style there are so many ways you can individualize your style. Follow the trends but also represent yourself.

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