7 Timeless Male Fashion Trends by Catherine Meisner


Fashion, by its nature is evolving with every season as new styles, looks and designers break on to the scene. It can be hard to keep up with all the new trends and almost impossible to afford new designer clothes each season. Investing in quality staple pieces that have withstood the test of time will keep you looking fresh and cool for every occasion.

Leather Jacket

The leather jacket been adopted by each new generation of young, trendy men. Since its introduction in the 1920’s, it has taken on the label of ‘staple piece’ for countless cultures and identities. From rock to punk to grunge, the leather jacket has made its mark, all the while looking effortlessly cool. The best aspect of the leather jacket? It looks good on everyone. All men of all sizes and shapes should have a favourite leather jacket they can throw on to transform a boring outfit into a slick, laidback fit.




Although having always been a casual and popular menswear option, the sweatshirt has recently gone through a level up thanks to fashion’s embrace of sporty clothing. Existing and new designer brands are all bringing out their versions of this male clothing classic, often styled minimally with a glint of label. Rocking a sweatshirt is the best way for anyone to achieve that ‘oh this old thing?’ look.

White T-Shirt

As long as James Dean remains the ultimate cool icon, the white T-shirt he famously wore will have its place in the halls of timeless fashion. A white T-shirt is simple yet effective and always looks great against a tan in the summer months.
“As a basic garment, the white T-shirt is shockingly easy to style and can be paired with any number of jackets, jeans or trousers in a range of colours” says Jeanette Grady, a fashion blogger at Last Minute Writing and Writinity.

Dark Slim Jeans

It can be confusing at first to find the right fit and shade of denim jeans for you. But, when you know, you know. Jeans have been a popular staple for years thanks to their comfort and durability. However, not all jeans can claim to be a timeless style. Thanks to their simple design and styling compatibility, dark slim jeans can take this title easily. Men have looked great in these jeans for years.

Oxford Shirt

The trusted go-to for men for generations. The Oxford shirt is a basic yet classic shirt design that’s as popular now as it was upon creation. There are few situations where an Oxford shirt looks out of place as it’s versatile nature means that it can be styled to suit any circumstance. From sophisticated and smart to nonchalant and cool, the Oxford shirt has got your back.

“Every man should invest in a good Oxford shirt. It can take you from day to night as the perfect attire for the office, a wedding, a date or even a party” says James McGregor, lifestyle writer at Research Papers UK and Draft Beyond.


If you haven’t already got a blazer in your wardrobe, now is the time to add one. It is an essential part of your fashion toolkit. Countless men over the years have benefited from throwing on a blazer to add a layer of sophisticated chic to their ensemble. The blazer has great versatility as it can be paired with anything from a shirt and tie to a T-shirt and every time creates a complete, put together look.


Take the time to find a good pair of sunglasses that suit you and you’ll have be able to add an element of cool to any outfit. Not only do sunglasses look great, they also protect you from harmful UV rays. You might think that sunglasses can only be worn in summer but the sun shines in the winter too and your eyes still need protection from the low winter sun. sunglasses are a timeless accessory that fuse fashion and function perfectly.


No longer worry about keeping up with fashion trends and having the latest ‘in’ items. With these tips you can be confident that you’ll always be looking stylish and have the time to focus on what matters to you.

Catherine Meisner is an article writer interested in social media marketing whose work on health, food and beauty can be found at Lucky Assignments and Gum Essays. When she’s not at her keyboard, Catherine can be found at the gym or exploring new places.