7 Options for Your Next Career by Paisley Hansen

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

In their lifetime, the average American will change occupations 10 to 15 times. However, because there is no agreement on what defines a job transition, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics does not keep track of job changes. As a result, no one truly knows how many people switch careers. What used to be described as the „days of staying in one job till retirement“ are no longer a reality, which is a wonderful thing. For a variety of reasons, certain jobs are better to transfer into in your 30s or 40s than others. They, for example, do not necessitate much education and/or training. You might require an associate’s degree or a certificate. Another reason some jobs are better for people in their thirties is that they seem to be more enjoyable as a second job. Here are some of the best careers to transition into.

1. Personal Trainer

A fitness trainer is a terrific second profession if you appreciate assisting people in achieving their fitness and health objectives. You create exercise routines, track your client’s progress, and keep them encouraged. There are numerous online certification programs and courses available to help you become a personal trainer.

2. Driver

If you like life on the road and want to turn that into cash, a career as a driver might be for you. Being an Uber or rideshare driver will keep you close to home, and the schedules are flexible. No training is needed, but the pay might not be very high depending on your location and how much you work. The trucking industry, on the other hand, is always in need of qualified drivers. Trucking jobs usually pay pretty well. You’ll be away from home a lot, and there is some education to go through first, but this can be a great way to see the country.

3. Coding Specialist

This is a flexible job. You have the option of working from home or at a medical institution. You’re in charge of sorting through and assessing health insurance claim forms. You assign them the appropriate code based on the procedure, condition, or surgery for which the patient is being charged. An associate’s degree in the discipline is required for this position.

4. Vet Tech

Anyone who enjoys working with animals will like a second career as a veterinarian technician. You provide comfort and care to animals who are injured or sick. You also have employment responsibilities that are similar to those of a nurse because you support veterinarians in the same way that a nurse would assist a doctor. For example, you might take blood samples from animals to test. To make this your second career, you’ll need an associate’s degree.

5. Business Management

Anyone looking to enter the corporate world should consider a career in business management. It enables entry-level management and hands-on business legal training. You can work in a variety of fields, including human resources, computer systems, and even starting your own company. A business management associate degree will help you prepare for jobs as an assistant manager, team leader, bookkeeper, or a variety of other positions.

6. IT

Are you a problem solver who enjoys working with computers? Anyone who likes to work with computer hardware and software will find information technology to be an excellent second career option. You are in charge of ensuring that everything in an IT department functions smoothly. An associate’s degree in information technology is a good place to start.

7. Massage Therapy and Patient Care

A diploma or certificate is required to work as a massage therapist. You have the sensitive touch as a massage therapist to assist patients in healing from disease, painful injuries, and stress. A diploma is required to work as a patient care technician. You are in charge of attending to the requirements of patients as well as nursing chores such as collecting blood samples.

If you’re considering a career change, don’t wait! Now is a great time to transition into that next phase of life.

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