5 must-have fall and winter wardrobe essentials for men by Sarahh Palin

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The colder months can be quite unforgiving. Long nights and spells of cold, dry wind are not exactly exciting. Despite the harsh weather, the fall and winter season is nothing short of magical. The holiday spirit encapsulates the air around you. The snow blankets everything like delectable frosting on a cake. The fur throw blanket will especially keep you warm at an affordable price.

Now that winter is almost here in all its splendor, it is time to sort out some winter wardrobe must-haves.

When it comes to wintertime dressing, our obvious priority is to be warm and comfortable. Unfortunately, fashion and comfort do not always seem to walk hand in hand. That’s where we come in to find a middle ground.

The following is a list of 5 must-have fall and winter wardrobe essentials for men.


You can never go wrong with jeans. Jeans are an everyday staple item in every guy’s wardrobe. Jeans form the foundation that rests the building that is your outfit. Resilient, practical, and supremely nifty, jeans are perfect to wear all year round.

Every man needs a pair of black and blue jeans. You can pair them with basically everything in your wardrobe and look dapper.
For a casual day time look, you can pair your denims with a classy button-down shirt, an elegant cardigan, and a pair of loafers. If you are laying it low at home or running errands, pair your jeans with an oversized hoodie and some sneakers.

If you think you cannot sport jeans to parties and night outs, you are wrong. Dress up your average pair of jeans with a crisp dress shirt, a blazer, and a pair of boots or oxford shoes.

If you want to spice things up for a night out, throw on some jeans, a tee or button-down shirt, and a warrior leather vest to turn heads wherever you go.

Leather Jackets

Unapologetically bold yet supremely chic, there is nothing quite as comparable to a leather jacket. They just never fail to impress. Leather jackets are perhaps one of the most versatile clothing items a man can have in his closet. Much like an old friend that you can always count on, a leather jacket can be your savior on days when you are clueless about what to wear.

Leather jackets come in a variety of styles and colors that flatter one and flatter all. You can wear one to pretty much any social setting. Moreover, they are perfect for layering when the temperature drops.

How could you not love them?

Whether you are a casual day out or a date night with someone special, you can never go wrong with a leather jacket.

Everyone has a favorite leather jacket style that they identify with best. If chic and trendy is your style aesthetic, a leather bomber jacket is the one for you. If your style is edgier, there is nothing more badass than a leather biker jacket. If you are one for simplicity and minimalism, a leather moto jacket is your perfect match.


With the temperatures dropping, it is crucial to keep your feet protected from boots by Outdoor Play. To stay warm, make sure that your extremities are covered. Boots are designed to combat the cold.

Warm, durable, and comfortable, what makes boots super unique is their style. They come in an array of designs. Choose a favorite depending on your style preference. Checkout Stridewise where some best boots are offered.

When it comes to styling, you can pair your boots with just about any outfit, from something casual like a jacket, jeans, and a tee to something formal like a suit. Rest assured, you will look super handsome.


Sweaters feel like a hug – warm, cushiony, and endearing.
Whether you like a comfy oversized jumper or a sophisticated zip-up cardigan, sweaters flatter just about everyone. They are ideal for layering and complement a wide variety of outfits as they are so effortlessly versatile.

If you are sporting a zip-up sweater, we recommend pairing it with something like a simple button-down shirt, a comfy long-sleeve tee, or a warm turtleneck.

Oversized jumpers lean more towards the casual end of the spectrum and are super trendy. They pair best with a plain tee, jeans, and sneakers.

As for the classic cardigans, they work brilliantly well with just about everything. Whether it is a crisp dress shirt and tailored pants or a pair of everyday jeans and a t-shirt, everything works. You can also layer them under a leather jacket, a trench coat, or even a blazer.


Turtlenecks are nothing short of iconic. They scream sophistication, contrary to popular opinion labeling them basic and boring. Turtlenecks look stunning on their own or when layered with other garments.

You can sport your turtleneck over a casual pair of jeans and sneakers for a cozy winter look. You can also dress up your turtleneck with some tailored pants, a blazer, and oxford shoes. Turtlenecks pair extraordinarily well with blazers and coats, which makes them ideal for formal social settings.

Stock your winter wardrobe with neutral-toned turtlenecks to get through the season in style. Our favorite colors are neutral hues like black, burgundy, green, and classic white – you can never go wrong with them.

Parting Thoughts

Changing seasons call for a wardrobe change. However, a shift in the seasons and your wardrobe does not mean that you have to start from scratch. Winter and fall fashion is all about warm hues, layering, and comfort. Mix and match your everyday staples with a few statement pieces to create a new custom look every day. Up your style game this season and walk the streets like they are your runway.

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