Heavy Equipment You Need to Consider Before Remodeling Your Home by Ron Wolf

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Renovating your home is something you look forward to weeks in advance. However, some homeowners underestimate the scale of the construction work involved and they fail to haul in the right machinery, equipment, and power tools.

From tearing down walls to masonry work to rebuild your home prettier and better, here is the heavy equipment to consider when remodeling your home.

A bulldozer for moving soil around

In popular culture, bulldozers are portrayed as machines used solely for demolition. Sure, you can bulldoze a garden shed within seconds but remodeling your home is more of a creative task. You can hire or rent a small bulldozer to push soil and sand around, easing the cement-making process. When renting, makes sure they give you a dozer with solid tracks, as they are any bulldozer’s key component.

A power generator is a must

Power is widely available in urban areas but for if you’re (re)construction a house in the Outback, then a power generator is a must. In fact, you should get a generator for an urban development project but of smaller capacity.

By using a generator, the construction site becomes autonomous and work doesn’t have to stop due to blackouts, far too common nowadays. A power generator is the safest way to keep up with the schedule and finish the project before the winter season.

It’s useful having a water pump nearby

There is no convincing reason not to reconstruct the house yourself. However, you’ll definitely need to outsource and to learn a thing or two about the construction industry. Even professionals make mistakes, as severed water pipes or even worse, sewer pipes will flood the foundations of your home.

For this reason, it is useful to keep a submersible pump nearby, so you can act quickly and drain the structure. These pipes are also used for removing sluice, sludge, and mud, so you can use them while digging new foundations as well.

Trust us, shovels and buckets are a drop in the ocean compared to the drainage power of a water pump.

The versatility of a dump truck

Opting for a major remodeling project means that you will be taking out a lot of old material and replacing it with brand new fixtures. The bigger the construction site, the more heavy-duty the truck will be. You can save money on hiring a skip bin, as the truck’s bed will serve as an oversized for hauling away construction waste.

Apart from the standard dump truck, there are transfer dump trucks with a separate trailer, models that allow the materials to be unloaded sideways, and articulated dump trucks for transporting heavy loads (over 40 tons).

The secret of the storage industry

You can’t have same-day shipping unless you have smart storage. Apart from automation, modern warehouse workers use electric pallet jacks for faster hauling and placement of goods. You can borrow this technique from them and use an electric pallet jack to move materials quickly around the construction site. Power is extremely cheap but electric jacks can still travel at 6 km/h and bare load up to 2 tons in weight. You can hire electric pallet trucks on Lakeside-hire.co.uk

The circular saw: A mandatory power tool

Power tools are an integral part of construction work but you need to possess more than a jackhammer or a cordless drill.
Perhaps the most versatile power tool is the circular saw. Even low-end models have the power to cut through multiple layers of wooden boards.

Since a power saw is handheld and cordless, it is portable, so you can carry it from one room to another and use it outside we well (when it’s not raining).

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Several types of dumpsters

We have already mentioned that you are going to end up with a lot of general construction waste. In smaller reconstruction projects, these can all go into a single bin but if you have tons of waste, then you need more than one dumpster.

You should haul in respective dumpsters for metal, plastic, glass, and other recyclable materials. Handle hazardous materials with extra care, such as asbestos or lead. In older structures, lead pipes were a common sight but then it was discovered that the danger of lead poisoning is high.

Remember to stay safe

Finally, you should create a safe work environment. A hardhat and a pair of safety goggles don’t sound as impressive as the bulldozer from the start of our text but they are equally, if not more important. An unforeseen injury has the potential to delay, postpone, and even cancel the entire remodeling project.

That’s why the heavy equipment you buy or lease need to be reliable and 100% safe to use (insect if they are certified). Further on, protect your eyes and hearing by wearing earmuffs and other noise-canceling headwear.

Also, you’ll need to buy shoes with a steel cap and an anti-slip sole. If you can find a pair of work gloves that would be perfect, as handling timber beams can leave a splinter inside your skin, which hurts like heck!

Even when you hire a subcontractor, there is still a lot you can do to lower the final cost of remodeling your home. From safe-to-use power tools, across renting a bulldozer, to whizzing around the construction site with an electric pallet jack, this is the top heavy equipment you need to keep in mind then remodeling.

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