4 Tips for Showing Your Style in an Office Setting by Paisley Hansen

Image by Royal Anwar from Pixabay

Your style is an important part of your public identity. Because of this, working in an office environment can be frustrating when it comes to fashion. You may feel restricted and unable to display your true self. Fortunately, it isn’t impossible to have a unique fashion sense in the office. If this is something you’d like to work on, here are four tips for showing your style in an office setting.

1. Try Wearing Patterns

One of the best ways to show your style in the office is by wearing patterns. Whether your office environment is strict or laid back, you’re likely allowed to wear clothing with designs. This allowance can help you show your style without wearing pieces that would be frowned on. If you’re unsure about where to wear a pattern, start with a jacket or a shirt. This ensures that people will see it instantly instead of having to look down. You should also consider how intense the pattern can be. If your office environment is fairly formal, you may want to use a subtler design. Consider trying small polka dots or flowers. On the other hand, a more relaxed environment may welcome louder patterns. This could be anything from zig-zagging stripes to cute cats. No matter where you work, from a mobile office to a virtual setting, the right pattern can make a clear style statement.

2. Have One Unique Piece

When it comes to showing your style in a formal setting, there are likely some guidelines you need to follow. For instance, you probably need to wear non-revealing clothes that have a professional look. This means that you may have to avoid some key aspects of your usual style. However, you shouldn’t give everything up completely. While you should still have a regular office outfit to wear, you can try adding one unique piece to it. The level of uniqueness is up to you and the formality of your office environment. For instance, you could pair a basic outfit with an overly long blazer. You can even lean into your office’s formality more than necessary. This would translate to wearing things like snazzy vests and old-fashioned pants.

3. Make Use of Colors

Colors provide a way to stand out without being too jarring. Using colors is also a great way to get around most company dress policies. You may not be allowed to wear funny designs, but it’s unlikely that pink has been prohibited. Start by choosing a color that speaks to you. Be sure to pick one that isn’t neutral and will stand out. Next, figure out where it will go in your outfit. If you can get a suit with a matching hue on the jacket and pants, that would be excellent. However, you may only have one piece available. In this case, particularly if your color is intense, you’ll want to pair it with neutral hues. For instance, a bright salmon shirt would look great with beige or white pants.

4. Utilize Accessories

Using accessories is a great way to show your style while wearing formal clothes. Essentially, you can add a statement piece to an otherwise regular outfit. Some accessories to think about are shoes, belts, ties, watches, wallets and hats. While these items are small, you can pack a lot of personality into one. For instance, you could wear a belt with a unique fabric or graphic. If you’re looking for a larger style statement, try finding different accessories with the same style. Matching your belt, watch and tie creates a clear aesthetic without being too distracting.

Showing your style in the workplace isn’t the easiest thing to do. However, it’s also not impossible. In the event that you’re unsure whether something is okay to wear, be sure to ask a superior. If you keep experimenting and wearing new outfits, you’ll likely find a great way to display your style at work.