3 Fun and Affordable Travel Activities to do with Friends by Stephanie Snyder

Photo by Elina Fairytale from Pexels

Finding fun and entertaining activities to participate in with friends takes a certain amount of energy and creativity for it to be fun for the entire group. With different personalities, different endurance levels, and different appetites for fun, making sure the activity is pleasurable for all takes work. However, with friends, you can be yourself and be loved nonetheless. Continue reading to discover how to strategically plan activities for friends and three affordable travel activities to do with friends.

Most people who you consider friends and want to do activities with are as close as family. This closeness means you know their quirks as well as their flaws. You know which of your friends is always on time and who in the group is always late. You also know who likes summer vacation and who does better in the cold. Knowing these things about friends makes it easier to plan activities with friends strategically.

In addition to being strategic, you want to plan affordable activities with friends. Remember, the more affordable your activities are, the more often you can plan to be together. With that in mind, here are three fun and affordable activities to do with friends.

Host a Spa Day

Friends who take pride in the self-care of other friends are some of the most invaluable friends to have. Understanding that your friends need and want to indulge in a spa day that isn’t costly is a gift that keeps on giving.

If you have space in your home to host a spa day, your friends will thank you forever. Websites like Pinterest and others are full of spa day ideas, including what time to begin, what foods to serve, where to buy materials, and even what services your spa day should offer. You’ll find a wealth of information, including tips on setting the mood for your spa day with candles and essential oils to creating a playlist with excellent mood music for relaxing.

In addition to setting the mood, be sure that your friends are prepared to pitch in and help serve and indulge each other. For instance, one friend can be responsible for polishing toes, one friend can refresh drinks, and another friend can be responsible for safety as far as candles and diffusers. Include everyone so that everyone can enjoy the services.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

If you and your friends enjoy being outdoors and are in the New York area, there is more to do than walk the streets like the cast of Sex and The City would have you believe. New York’s Central Park has a walking tour, and there is the carriage ride that is beautiful in the fall and winter. Other outdoor activities include the Harbor Lights Cruise and the Manhattan Adventure Boat Ride if you and your friends like the water.

In addition to tours and boat cruises, New York is home to the Taconic state park camping grounds for you and your friends to enjoy. The 16 miles of park is a great place to camp, fish, hike, bike, swim, kayak, zipline, and more. The park is an excellent place for you and your friends to relax and inexpensive to have fun with friends.

Host and an At-Home Movie Night

The pandemic left us craving time with friends in unimaginable ways. Zoom and social media interactions have been able to fill some gaps, but there is nothing like getting together with friends. A movie night is a perfect activity for a lowkey evening at home with people you enjoy spending your free time with. Planning the ideal movie night can take planning or be as laid back as you want. Some tips for planning a movie night:

  • Plan a theme – actors or settings.
  • Have lots of different snacks, soda, and cocktails.
  • Let everyone give advice on what movies will be watched.
  • Lay out lots of blankets, bean bags, and pillows.
  • Plan your “friend talk “ before the movie begins.

There are so many benefits to having great friends to spend time with and enjoy activities. They are the people you can be yourself around and let your hair down. Planning activities with them takes energy and strategy but it is worth the joy that they bring. Three fun and inexpensive ideas are listed above to keep growing your friendships.