2021’s Top Running Fashion Trends by Jared Jaureguy


Today, running clothes are about matching sport with style. With chic designs and advances in the way clothes are made, your running gear can not only help you perform your best, but you’ll also be able to hit brunch without stopping home to change. Here are the top trends you should look out for in 2021.

Comfort in Shorts

For men and women, having comfortable and stylish shorts is important. Especially when it’s hot, knowing that you have shorts that look good and feel good goes a long way. Training shorts can help you avoid road rash and keep you in comfort on a long run.

Short length trends vary. It’s all about what makes you feel comfortable. Look for lightweight fabrics that are moisture-wicking and stretch for the best in style and comfort.

Leggings for All

Leggings and tights aren’t just for women these days. Many men choose leggings or tights under their shorts in the colder months. This not only helps keep you warm, but it can help you avoid road rash. Legging can also make you a tiny bit faster. Compression tights could allow your body to channel more power into every stride.

Leggings are about style as well as speed though. The trendiest leggings for women are ankle length. Many also have a control top, which can make running more comfortable.

Pockets Everywhere

More and more, running clothes are adding pockets. This includes everything from pockets on sports bras to pockets on shorts and leggings. Often articles are designed in such a way that the pocket isn’t noticeable until there’s something in it.

These pockets are extremely useful as well. They give you a place to carry your phone and other items that are important on a long run. Pockets are typically small and slim to keep even the most important items secure.

Sweatbands That Stay in Place

Sweatbands are extremely important to many runners, especially those who sweat a lot. With new technologies in materials, it’s much easier than it used to be to find a headband that stays in place and soaks up sweat. Nothing is more annoying than sweat falling from eyebrows to eyelashes to eyes on a run.

For men and women, many sweatbands come in unique colors and styles. Look for ones that aren’t too tight but stay in place. Thickness can also be important here, depending on how much you sweat.

Everything-Proof Shoes

You can’t talk about running style without talking about shoes. Not only are many shoes designed to look great on and off the pavement, but they’re also designed to be versatile. Shoes that are designed for running in winter months, with waterproof technology and extra grips, can really improve your confidence and your speed.

Trail running is also becoming more and more popular. There are shoes designed specifically for the trail runner. These are meant to keep your feet stable and supported even on the most intense terrains.

Quality Socks

Your shoes, and your feet, wouldn’t get far without socks. Look for quality socks that fit the feet well and avoid blistering. Running socks may be a big investment, but if you buy good ones, they’ll last a long time and keep your feet in good shape, even on the longest of runs.

Don your new leggings, lace up your runners and hit the trail. You’ll look good and feel good if you’re running in style!