Woolrich, The Original American Outdoor Brand, proudly unveils its latest advertising campaign for Spring/Summer 2024, paying homage to the brand’s deep connection with American culture.

„Origin Stories: Americana“ marks the second chapter of a journey through the stories that define America as we know it and identify the American roots of the brand. At the heart of this narrative lies photography which, through the constant pursuit of the ideal image, reflects the human desire to capture fleeting moments. Born in 1839, just a few years after the brand’s foundation, photography has witnessed a constant evolution over the centuries, keeping pace with societal changes. Similarly, for nearly two centuries, Woolrich has continued to evolve while remaining true to its essence, ensuring quality apparel for fully embracing every moment, season after season.

The protagonists of this visual narrative are two talented photographers, Amber Maalouf and Mike Gray, searching for the spirit of Americana in the California desert, with its azure skies and fiery sunsets. The American landscape serves as a stage for unique stories, each panorama reflecting the rich fabric of American life and every scene imbued with the essence of its culture. Through the lens of Amber Maalouf and Mike Gray, the human experience takes shape on this canvas, revealing the beauty of a shared journey through time and space.

The campaign was shot by New York photographer Dino Kužnik and directed by filmmaker Gary Emekwa who, with their creative vision, authentically and nostalgically captured the essence of Woolrich and its connection to the American landscape. Stylist Roberto Johnson curated the looks, leveraging his contemporary style and expertise to perfectly reflect the brand’s identity.

Woolrich’s Spring/Summer 2024 campaign is a heartfelt tribute to the brand’s roots and its vast heritage. Through this second chapter of „Origin Stories,“ Woolrich recalls and honors the timeless legacy that has shaped its identity as The Original American Outdoor Brand.