Inspired by the relaxing shades of nature, green is one of the 2022 trendy colours. Here some furnishing proposals to bring the green brightness to the house.

Green is one of the 2022 main colours. Relaxing and versatile, green has the power to bring any environment back to life and benefit our health. Inspired by the many different nuances of plants and tree leaves, green allows to feel immersed in nature also within the comfort of our home. A desire that is very much alive in this period.
Living indoor spaces for such a long time has grow in us an irresistible urge to living the outdoors. Inevitable, therefore, that green won our homes and our hearts. Especially since its infinite shades are able to satisfy every taste and style.

So here are some green furnishing proposals to bring the brightness of nature to the house.


Reflex, Borghi and Albume by antoniolupi

Matter and colour. These are the keywords for the washbasin and bathtubs of antoniolupi. The sculptural forms are enhanced by Cristalmood, the innovative eco-sustainable resin developed and patent by antoniolupi. Resistant like stone, but transparent like crystal, this material reestablish water as absolute protagonist of the bathroom.


Joe chair and Ayton sofa by  Borzalino

Versatile, ergonomic, welcoming. Joe is the bucket chair designed by Carlo Bimbi for Borzalino. The irregular folds of the backrest characterize the chair, giving the seat a more informal and relaxed look.

Past and present combine in Ayton, a sofa system designed by Debonademeo for Borzalino. The strict lines of the support inspired by Nordic geometry of the ’50s contrast with the soft curves of the upholstery.

Casalgrande Padana

Atelier by Casalgrande Padana

With Atelier, porcelain stoneware collection by Casalgrande Padana, colours take centre stage. Eight different nature-inspired tones, including a sophisticated shade of green, Ottanio, perfect to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere.

Atelier is available in shades of Rubino, Ottanio, Indaco, Oltremare, Lavanda, Fiordaliso, Brume, and Cristallo and in the following sizes: 40×120, 60×120, 120×120, 120×278. The Atelier tiles’ shades match perfectly with all the other ranges in Casalgrande Padana’s catalogue.