The scalp-friendly Wellaflex Men styling products for men

The popular styling brand Wellaflex from the Wella Company, the No. 1 – (3)
Salon brand, presents the Men product range in a new look for men who want to style their hair individually. The collection consists of four products – including gels, hairspray and a styling paste – with powerful formulas that address men’s key styling needs:

The most commonly cited concern by men when it comes to styling products is the fear of hair loss. Around 52% – (4) of men are concerned about thinning hair and fear that hair styling can put a strain on their hair and scalp, leading to further hair loss.

The scalp-friendly Wellaflex Men series was developed by Wella experts and is based on more than 140 years of experience and quality in the hairdressing trade. It allows men to express their unique style. With lightweight formulas that don’t weigh down hair, the range provides flexible hold to effortlessly style natural looks.

Dynamic Texture Matte Paste

The new, scalp-friendly paste, which, with its soft and easy-to-work-in formula, provides instant texture and a matte finish, without visible residue or sticky hair.

All-Day Definition Styling Gel

Provides instant hold for up to 48 hours. It provides a natural shine. In addition, the gel leaves no residue.

Power Definition Styling Gel

Provides immediate hold for up to 72 hours – without sticking the hair. It provides a natural shine. In addition, the gel leaves no residue and is sweat-proof.

Express Fix Hairspray

Provides protection from UV rays and moisture and ensures a natural look for up to 48 hours.

3 – Kline study Aug./Sep. 2021, measured by total sales in €/CHF for professional products sold in hairdressing salons in DACH in 2020.

4 – Source: Wella Company Habits & Practices study, 2022