The Blonde+ Repair System by John Frieda

Damaged hair due to lightening? Anyone who likes bleaching knows it all too well: their hair is stressed, dry and brittle. This makes it look dull and broken. The new Blonde+ Repair System was developed specifically for blonde hair that has been damaged by lightening processes. Blonde+ Repair System allows blondes to maintain their unique identity without having to choose between healthy-looking and blonde hair. This is how blonde works with John Frieda – without any compromises.

The new transformative product line strengthens hair strands and builds new hydrobonds directly to the hair fiber to significantly repair damaged hair after just one use. The collection consists of a Pre-Shampoo Treatment, a Bond Building Shampoo and a Bond Building Conditioner, which help reverse the signs of damage with each use and visibly repair bleach-damaged blonde without weighing it down. The result is powerful, resilient healthy-looking blonde that not only looks great but feels great too.

Salon quality meets science – the 3-step system with patent-pending Bond Building Plex technology makes hair 2 times stronger, making it John Frieda’s strongest blonde repair line to date. When using all three products, your hair appears visibly brighter after the first use.
“In general, you have to be aware that bleaching means an investment in time. Right from the start you have to be prepared for the fact that your hair needs intensive care. Fortunately, there is now the brand new Blonde+ Repair System line from John Frieda, which allows bleached hair to maintain its structure and close the cuticle layer – so the hair can reflect more light and shine.“

Thommy Momsen, John Frieda Ambassador

Step 1: Blonde+ Repair System Pre-Shampoo Treatment

The Pre-Shampoo Treatment visibly repairs blonde hair, strengthens it and protects it from future damage. It helps to stabilize the hair’s moisture balance and initiate the repair process before shampooing by forming a protective barrier that locks in moisture. The hair gains shine and suppleness while being protected from future damage. So effective and powerful that the repairing effect is visible after just one minute.

Step 2: Blonde+ Repair System Shampoo

The Bond Building Shampoo gently cleanses the hair and adds shine. At the same time, it forms new hair bridges to strengthen the hair from the inside out, repair damage and protect it in the future. As part of the Blonde+ Repair System, the shampoo transforms brittle hair into stronger, visibly repaired and more radiant blonde after just one use.

Step 3: Blonde+ Repair System Conditioner

The Bond Building Conditioner nourishes and strengthens the hair and helps repair surface damage. This final step of the Blonde+ Repair System provides moisture for soft, supple hair while simultaneously building new hydrobonds to strengthen it in the long term.