The BABOR Expert Method is more than just a treatment

The BABOR EXPERT METHOD is based on scientific, dermacosmetic, massage and physiotherapeutic knowledge to offer customers the best possible experience and achieve long-term results. The EXPERT METHOD is a special expert application technique that is used in all BABOR treatments. By selecting the products used, the treatment can be individually adapted to each customer and each care request. The successive treatment steps remain the same and ensure optimal effectiveness – immediately and in the long term. This is ensured by a combination of warm and cool compresses inspired by hydrotherapy according to Pastor Sebastian Kneipp, different massage techniques and the active ingredient power of BABOR products.

Grounding ritual

Welcome to the treatment: With the grounding ritual, the BABOR treatment begins with a release of muscular tension in the chest and shoulder area. At the same time, targeted movements activate the lymphatic flow in order to initiate improved removal of metabolic end products. Guided breathing also prepares the customer vocally for the treatment.

Deep cleansing ritual

Now the skin should also be prepared for the treatment. In the first step, the cleanser is applied to the skin and distributed carefully. In a second step, the cleaning is intensively processed with the addition of cool water. This step is repeated three times. Using cool water protects the skin’s natural protective barrier, refreshes and invigorates and optimally prepares the skin for cleansing with warm compresses according to hydrotherapy stimulation.

Hydrotherapy stimulation

The BABOR EXPERT compress method is reminiscent of the hydrotherapy of Pastor Sebastian Kneipp. His findings have been known since the 1800s to trigger a regenerative effect in the body. In the BABOR EXPERT METHOD, this effect is achieved by alternating warm and cool compresses and is used when removing cleansing, peeling and blood circulation masks as part of skin preparation. The cream mask at the end of the treatment is also removed using this method. This works as follows: This works as follows: The warm compresses remove excess product and warm the skin tissue intensively. This is followed by placing and unrolling a pleasantly cool compress. In this step, the numerous reflex zones on the face are stimulated with gentle pressure in precise movements, which ensure a holistic feeling of well-being. By alternating warm and cool compresses, blood circulation and thus the skin’s willingness to absorb subsequent active ingredients is increased.

Vitality Analysis & Boost

Training for the skin: The blood circulation mask gives the skin a “skin power workout”. The goal is to achieve intensive skin preparation by effectively increasing blood circulation. The intensive increase in blood circulation stimulates the metabolism and thus positively supports skin regeneration and the removal of metabolic end products. Perfect conditions for optimal absorption of active ingredients.

The mask is applied to the face and décolleté and immediately removed using hydrotherapy stimulation. There is an immediate warm, tingling feeling on the skin and it turns red. The redness level is an indicator of which areas of the skin are vital and which are less vital, i.e. which areas of the skin may be less supplied with oxygen. This insight into skin vitality can further personalize the selection of products within treatment as well as for home care. This step also provides important insight for possible treatment adjustments. Lymphatic activation & active infusion

Perfectly prepared, ampoules, serums or active ingredient concentrates can now give the skin exactly the ingredients it so urgently needs. Using a special technique, the active ingredients are introduced into the skin exactly where they are needed.

The Lymphatic Activation & Active Infusion combines decongesting techniques inspired by manual lymphatic drainage according to Dr. Emil Vodder, as well as stimulating and activating sequences with calming, relaxing elements.

Face sculpting massage

After the active ingredients have been incorporated, a massage follows. The Face Sculpting Massage activates, stimulates and trains the skin from the surface to the depths with a unique combination of different grip techniques. A combination of different massage techniques achieves an immediate face sculpting effect. Hardening in the facial muscles and adhesions in the connective tissue are intensively loosened, allowing accumulated fluid accumulations in the tissue to be released using lymph-activating movements inspired by manual lymphatic drainage according to Dr. Emil Vodder can be drained and skin and muscle tension can be immediately reduced. The facial features visibly relax, facial wrinkles appear immediately reduced, the natural facial shape and contours appear clearer and more defined and the complexion shines more youthful and smooth.

Reawakening ritual

The reawakening ritual wakes customers from sleep mode. The muscles are activated by light pressure – from the face to the neck to the shoulders. Accompanied breathing takes the body and mind out of “rest mode”. For us, a treatment is the ultimate well-being. It’s a power workout for our skin. Because with the sophisticated techniques, the beautician gets the most out of the product performance. Looking in the mirror after the treatment is an absolute WOW moment. This experience is only available from the experts at BABOR.

The rituals of the BABOR EXPERT METHOD can be experienced in different treatments.