SUNISSIME from Lierac: sun protection reinvented

Forty years after developing his first sun protection products, with his same
Non-conformist and proven highly effective products, LIERAC invents the legendary
SUNISSIME program now completely new. With the same uncompromising DNA (effectiveness AND ease of use), but with a real innovation: for the first time, the brand is offering a
truly complete, holistic sun ritual, which is used before, during and after the sun.

SUNISSIME is today the only sun program that meets all needs, all individual needs
preferences and all skin types:

  • Multi-Timing: Formulas for use before, during and after the sun
  • Multi-textures: soothing pampering treatments for the face or body
  • Multi-application: external and oral, perfectly coordinated

The formulation laboratories have selected more than 15 active ingredients that have been tailored to each SUNISSIME formula to ensure the highest possible protection, comprehensive anti-aging prevention and sensory pleasure.

1.) Comprehensive broadband protection

The organic filter system protects against UVA and UVB rays. LIERAC sun protection is free of octocrylene, oxybenzone, homosalate or octinoxate.
The complex against infrared and “blue light” (aggressive blue spectrum of daylight) consists of plant flavonoids, vitamin E and rosemary.

2.) Prevention of visible skin aging

The protective care contains brown algae: This power ingredient is able to increase the synthesis of GAGs and collagen; In addition, it helps to prevent the breakdown of elastin.
Witch hazel extract: This plant-based active ingredient in after-sun care products makes dry skin that is thirsty for moisture supple again and prevents elastosis, which is often associated with light-induced skin aging.

3.) Optimized application pleasure

LIERAC has selected natural ingredients whose tan-promoting effect simultaneously strengthens the skin’s own protection and fulfills the desire for a vital tan without putting any strain on the skin. Beta-carotene (in the capsules) and an innovative red algae extract (in the care product) boost the skin’s own melanin to activate and prolong the tan.

The iconic scents of LIERAC sun care are not only optimally skin-friendly, but have always seduced with their irresistible „summer flair“… and therefore remain unchanged.

A special feature of LIERAC is HPS galenics (high sensory potential). So that they can be applied repeatedly during and after sunbathing, the milk formulas are delicately melting, the fluid formulas are barely noticeable on the skin itself and the cream formulas are generous or refreshing as desired.

And in order to really meet all your wishes, LIERAC now has two new galenics: the Silky Sun Oil and the Protective Sun Stick.

The feather-light, non-sticky and non-greasy textures leave no white marks on the skin. The formula laboratories achieve true masterpieces: a weightless finish, an enchanting satin effect, a discreet glow or a delicate mother-of-pearl shimmer (after-sun)… the skin looks simply beautiful and is sustainably cared for and refined every time.

SUNISSIMIE – The sun has its ritual

To make sunbathing a carefree and safe pleasure, LIERAC offers the „Happy Time“ ritual in which every product and every texture in the program guarantees optimal protection and sensual well-being.

Step 1: Before the sun – preparation is key

The SUNISSIME Duo capsules prepare the skin for the sun and stimulate and prolong the tan. They also protect against skin aging.

LIERAC’s unchanged formula for success:

– Precisely dosed beta-carotene gently stimulates melanin synthesis

– without the risk of pro-oxidative side effects.

– The duo of vitamin E and selenium is responsible for protecting cells from oxidative stress.

– Valuable borage oil regenerates the skin.

Step 2: During the sun – safety through high protection

Comprehensive anti-aging protection – against wrinkles, dark spots and sagging skin. Unchanged recipe of LIERAC + red algae extract (new). 90% improved and more radiant tan. Average proportion of ingredients of natural origin: 70%.

Velvety anti-aging sun fluids for face and décolleté

Melting anti-aging sun lotions body

NEW: Protective anti-aging sun stick for face and body

NEW: Silky anti-aging sun oil body

Step 3: After the sun – repair, prevent & prolong your tan

Soothes and hydrates the skin after sunbathing, prevents photoaging and beautifies and prolongs the tan. Contains two powerful after-sun ingredients: witch hazel extract + red algae extract (new). For maximum pleasure: The texture of the after-sun gel refreshes thanks to the ice cube effect, the after-sun cream gives the skin a gentle pearly shimmer. Average proportion of ingredients of natural origin: 96%.

NEW. After-Sun Gel Face & Décolleté

NEW: After-Sun Cream Body